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Implementation and Certification AM Standard Operating Procedure.

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1 Implementation and Certification AM Standard Operating Procedure

2 Implementation and Certification2 Roles & Responsibility Integrated Operating Plan Team Champion/Trainer - POOM/MCSO Co-trainers/Support - MOP/MGR DP Oversight - Field coordinators

3 Implementation and Certification3 Implementation Schedule Completed National AM SOP Site Training Jan 15, 2004 Cluster TrainingJan 30, 2004 AM SOP Site Implementation –IOP 28 Day TimelineFeb 27, 2004 –AM SOP 57 Day TimelineMar 27, 2004

4 Implementation and Certification4 Communication to NALC / Craft Sample Service Talk –NALCNALC –CraftCraft Communicates what changes are coming and why

5 Implementation and Certification5 Schedule – Initial Reviews

6 Implementation and Certification6 Schedule – Initial Reviews

7 Implementation and Certification7 Schedule – First Progress Report

8 Implementation and Certification8 Schedule – Layout Changes & IOP Complete

9 Implementation and Certification9 Schedule – Certification

10 Implementation and Certification10 Certification Field Coordinators will use the AM SOP Certification Checklist to audit the implementation of AM SOP Certification Checklist Included in the review will be Floor Layout Integrated Operating Plan Badge ControlAMS / Edit Books AuditsDOIS SchedulesSupervision

11 Implementation and Certification11 Certification – Carrier Leave / Return Times Percent of Carriers Leaving Late current month, prior month, two months ago Percent of Carriers Returning Late current month, prior month, two months ago Percent of Carriers Returning after 1700 current month, prior month, two months ago

12 Implementation and Certification12 Certification – Floor Layout Has all excessed equipment been removed? Do all city routes have 3 pieces of casing equipment or less? If not, identify the number of routes with more than 3 in the comment section. Can routes identified above be reduced to three pieces? Do cell sizes and dividers conform to the needs of the route for efficiency? Is casing configuration efficient and minimized?

13 Implementation and Certification13 Certification – Floor Layout Is parcel post and SPR distribution area set up efficiently? Does Supervisor have line of sight from desk to EBR? Does Supervisor have clear line of sight to carriers at their cases? Is DPS staging area on carriers line of travel as they leave? Does floor layout support a smooth mail flow?

14 Implementation and Certification14 Certification – Integrated Operating Plan Does unit have an lOP contract with its processing plant? Is the lOP contract current and being followed? Does the transportation schedule support the units delivery needs? Does the Dispatch Feedback report indicate that transportation is arriving on time with the IOP agreed on volumes 95% of the time in the last 4 weeks? Does the unit receive a standard & first class flow of flats from the plant?

15 Implementation and Certification15 Certification – Badge Control Is a procedure in place to secure badges 5 mm. prior & after carrier reporting times? Does Supervisor monitor employees as they report to work? Is PS Form 1017 A & B utilized? Is TACS being utilized to monitor clock rings?

16 Implementation and Certification16 Certification – AMS / Audits AMS –Have all edit books been updated & submitted to AMS in the last 30 days? –Do edit books match case labels? Audits –Initial TOP Audit Overall Score –Initial Delivery Section TOP Audit Score –Initial Volume Recording Spot Check Score –Follow-up TOP Audit overall Score –Follow-up Delivery Section TOP Audit Score –Follow-up Volume Recording Spot Check Score

17 Implementation and Certification17 Certification – DOIS Is stand-by tracking sheet being utilized? Are 3996s controlled by Supervisor and filled out correctly? Is DOIS utilized daily? Met earned hours (office) current month? Met earned hours (office) prior month? Does the DOIS Effectiveness Report show improvement?

18 Implementation and Certification18 Certification – Schedules / Supervision Schedules –What is the current reporting time for city carriers? –What was the previous reporting time for carriers? –Have carriers returned on time 95% of the time in the last 4 weeks? –What is the current reporting time for the Supervisor? Supervision –Do carriers report directly to case after clocking in and performing vehicle check? –Does Supervisor observe vehicle inspection? –Is DCD utilized to record volume?

19 Implementation and Certification19 Certification – Carrier Sequence of Events Are there standardized processes implemented within the unit? Are carriers following the standardized sequence of events? - AM - PMAMPM

20 Implementation and Certification20 Certification - Binder Is the AM SOP Binder available and complete? –FLASH for the week prior & at the end of AM SOP implementation –Updated Delivery Service Staffing Analysis –Updated PS3998 Unit Summary of City Delivery Routes –Effectiveness rating (from WEBEIS-DOIS) for the office, street and total unit –Integrated Operating Plan contract –POOM/MCSO reviews from weeks 1, 2, 3, 4, and 7 –Volume recording audit completed during implementation –Initial and Follow-up TOP Audits (2 audits) –Certification Audit and write up (when completed)

21 Implementation and Certification21 Follow-Up Weekly Reviews Will Be Held –To Discuss The Status Of Each Action Item Due –Log Actual Completion Dates –Work Through Any Outstanding Issues Following Certification Of Initial Sites –Modify Training Material Based On Lessons Learned –Identify Next Sites For Implementation

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