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Top Office Performer AM Standard Operating Procedure Guidelines To Maximize Performance, Efficiency And Customer Satisfaction.

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1 Top Office Performer AM Standard Operating Procedure Guidelines To Maximize Performance, Efficiency And Customer Satisfaction

2 AM SOP Top Office Performer2 Transportation Processing Delivery Collections Retail Security Six Keys to Success

3 AM SOP Top Office Performer3 Mission Statement To establish “TOP” criteria for Delivery & Retail units to improve Customer Service and efficiency in support of Route Inspections and AM SOP

4 AM SOP Top Office Performer4 Instructions The TOP AUDIT is an integral part of the AM SOP process. This audit is a tool to determine the efficiency of a unit in the SIX key processes. 1. TRANSPORTATION 2. PROCESSING 3. DELIVERY 4. COLLECTIONS 5. RETAIL 6. SECURITY

5 AM SOP Top Office Performer5 Instructions The purpose of the TOP AUDIT is to identify the units that are the BEST of the BEST and as a prerequisite for AM SOP sites. A score of 90% in all 6 Key Processes must be achieved. The TARGET point column is the total points that can be earned per question. All questions are either pass or fail. Those items marked with a "key" are critical to the success for the unit.

6 AM SOP Top Office Performer6 Instructions Before you begin this self audit, it would be helpful (but not required) to have successfully completed these prerequisites, and have them available for review: –Unit Review Self Audit –Function Four Review –Delivery Confirmation –Mystery Shopper –CSBCS / DBCS Quality Review (if applicable) –OSHA Self Audit

7 AM SOP Top Office Performer7 Instructions In some circumstances, a particular question may not be applicable. In those cases, the questions will be marked NA, and the target points changed to zero. The points for any question answered NA, will not be counted against your total score.

8 AM SOP Top Office Performer8 Documentation - Transportation Tracking reports for late arriving trucks DOIS Dispatch Feedback Report File with PS 5399's Copy of unit's truck schedule PS Form 4533 A current copy of form # 4569 Vehicle Usage Plan

9 AM SOP Top Office Performer9 Documentation - Processing Current F/4 Review Prior pay period PS Forms 3921, 3922, 3930's Prior pay period EOR's Copy of Color Coded Policy Box Section Log SOP for returning Auto mail to Plant

10 AM SOP Top Office Performer10 Documentation - Processing Current Monthly FLASH WIN-SSI Multi-Delivery report WIN-SSI COA report File with 1639 copies Automated Sort plan SOP for Missent Priority Mail

11 AM SOP Top Office Performer11 Documentation – Processing Automation SOP flowchart for automated equipment Lockout logs for automated machines Current CSBCS Quality Review Maintenance logs for automated equipment Prior pay period TACS timekeeping reports

12 AM SOP Top Office Performer12 Documentation – Delivery General Basic route information from DOIS Prior pay period PS Forms 3997, 3996, 1813, 1571's PS Forms 4584's YTD PS Forms 3999's YTD Proposed vehicle usage report Prior pay period actual vehicle usage report

13 AM SOP Top Office Performer13 Documentation – Delivery General Prior pay period Daily Activity Report Prior pay period 4570 Report Natural Disasters SOP Curtailment of Delivery SOP Accidents SOP Accident Investigation SOP

14 AM SOP Top Office Performer14 Documentation – Delivery General Vehicle breakdown SOP Late receipt of mail SOP Bomb threats SOP Current 3971, 3972's, 1017's Edit Books PS Forms 2432

15 AM SOP Top Office Performer15 Documentation – Delivery General Hot Case Cards SOP State Drivers License Audit checks Current Unit Review Work Hour/ Workload Report DOIS-Projected and Actual

16 AM SOP Top Office Performer16 Documentation – Collections Collection Mail Availability Survey Major Mailer Mail Survey Current Target Mail SOP Collection Box Management SOP Last quarterly Collection Box review/density test Prior two Quarters PS 3702's

17 AM SOP Top Office Performer17 Documentation – Retail Mystery Shoppers Survey PS Forms 3368, 3369, 3294's

18 AM SOP Top Office Performer18 Office Profile OFFICE NAME:____________________________________________ OFFICE ZIP:______________________________________________ REVIEW COMPLETED BY:AREA________________________ DISTRICT_____________________ DATE COMPLETED:_______________________________________ TRUCK ARRIVAL TIMES:___________________________________ TRUCK DISPATCH TIMES:__________________________________ FIRST SUPERVISOR REPORTS:_____________________________ FIRST CARRIER REPORTS:_________________________________ FIRST CLERK REPORTS:___________________________________ TOTAL NUMBER CLERKS:__________________________________ NUMBER CLERKS SCHEME QUALIFIED:______________________ TOTAL NUMBER CARRIERS:________________________________ NUMBER OF CITY ROUTES:_________________________________ MOUNTED_____________________________ PARK & LOOP__________________________ WALK-OUTS___________________________ NUMBER OF RURAL ROUTES:______________________________ STATION INPUTS PERSON:_________________________________

19 AM SOP Top Office Performer19 Targets

20 AM SOP Top Office Performer20 Transportation

21 AM SOP Top Office Performer21 Transportation

22 AM SOP Top Office Performer22 Processing

23 AM SOP Top Office Performer23 Processing

24 AM SOP Top Office Performer24 Processing - Automation

25 AM SOP Top Office Performer25 Processing - Automation

26 AM SOP Top Office Performer26 Delivery - General

27 AM SOP Top Office Performer27 Delivery - General

28 AM SOP Top Office Performer28 Delivery - General

29 AM SOP Top Office Performer29 Delivery - General

30 AM SOP Top Office Performer30 Delivery – City Routes

31 AM SOP Top Office Performer31 Delivery – City Routes

32 AM SOP Top Office Performer32 Delivery – Rural Routes / HCR

33 AM SOP Top Office Performer33 Collections

34 AM SOP Top Office Performer34 Retail Sales

35 AM SOP Top Office Performer35 Retail Sales

36 AM SOP Top Office Performer36 Security

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