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AM SOP Integrated Operating Plan1 Integrated Operating Plan AM Standard Operating Procedure.

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1 AM SOP Integrated Operating Plan1 Integrated Operating Plan AM Standard Operating Procedure

2 AM SOP Integrated Operating Plan2 Integrated Operating Plan Definition The process of aligning P&DC and Customer Service operations to provide our customers with consistent, reliable service every day History Background

3 AM SOP Integrated Operating Plan3 The Cycle The daily 24-hour operational cycle starts with Carrier returning on time Based on Carrier leaving on timeBased on Carrier office consistencyBased on Transportation leaving on timeBased on Plant Operating Plan achievementBased on Carrier returning on time

4 AM SOP Integrated Operating Plan4 Carriers leave on time every day Plant provides a consistent, planned product flow on each trip Transportation leaves on time All operational problems are short stopped and reported where they occur Seven Guiding Principles

5 AM SOP Integrated Operating Plan5 Problems are resolved through the communication customer feedback process Full preventive maintenance is performed on all equipment as scheduled All operations are supported by written, customer based contingency plans Seven Guiding Principles

6 AM SOP Integrated Operating Plan6 Plant Inter-Tour Plant to Delivery Unit –Percentage of mail on each trip by mail type –Measurement: DOIS Dispatch Feedback Report Delivery Unit to Plant –Collections and Mail Preparation –Measurement: DOIS Late Leaving / Returning Report Delivery Unit and Plant Contracts

7 AM SOP Integrated Operating Plan7 IOP Pre-Implementation IOP Implementation Preparation Backwards Processing Model Start-Up and Implementation

8 AM SOP Integrated Operating Plan8 IOP Pre- Implementation Senior Management Commitment Understanding of Guiding Principles Communication Network Availability Delivery Unit Readiness –F2 Carrier Leave Times Adjusted –F4 Reviews –Staffing Analysis Timeline IOP Implementation

9 AM SOP Integrated Operating Plan9 IOP Implementation Preparation Project Manager Selected Team Member Selection with mix of Plant, Delivery, and Computer skills (Minimum of 4 full time - 2 Plant and 2 Delivery, NTE 1 year) Team Members Assigned Duties Baseline operations Training (Guiding Principles, Overview, Communicate the Plan to All Employees) Ramp-Up (CET at Delivery Unit, Processing Windows by Mail Type, Identify Dispatch Schedules) Create Dispatch Plan Start IOP

10 AM SOP Integrated Operating Plan10 Backwards Processing Model Identify Actual Mail Arrival Profile at Delivery Units Delivery Units Provide Needed Mail Arrival Profile based on Current Carrier Reporting Times –100% Committed flats by reporting time –80% of caseable mail by reporting Formal Negotiation (Delivery Units, Inter-Tour, Inter- Plant, BMEU/Plant) Plant Adjustments / Delivery Unit Adjustments Re-Examine Adjust

11 AM SOP Integrated Operating Plan11 Integrated Operating Plan - Deliverables Organization Activities Training Communication Loop Delivery Unit Activities

12 AM SOP Integrated Operating Plan12 Plant Activities Transportation Formalize Contracts Install Process Management Implementation Integrated Operating Plan - Deliverables

13 AM SOP Integrated Operating Plan13 Timeline – Organizational Activities

14 AM SOP Integrated Operating Plan14 Timeline – Delivery Unit Activities

15 AM SOP Integrated Operating Plan15 Timeline – Plant Activities

16 AM SOP Integrated Operating Plan16 Timeline - Implementation

17 AM SOP Integrated Operating Plan17 Contracts must support AM SOP. Mail flow and processing must be re-engineered to provide requirements to Customer Service. Consistent reliable mail flow is a must. Indicators must be in place to measure IOP effectiveness How It Supports AM SOP

18 AM SOP Integrated Operating Plan18 Integrated Operating Plan - Contracts Percentage of mail for each trip determined. Percentage of mail being automated and finalized for carrier distribution. Target 80% secondary flats, 85% DPS. 100% of committed flats available by carrier start time 80% of caseable mail available by carrier start Separation of Standard and Pref. Flats Timely dispatch of transportation.

19 AM SOP Integrated Operating Plan19 Integrated Operating Plan - Transportation All trips must leave on time. All trips must contain the proper amount of mail as per the contracts. Mail must be prepared in accordance with the contracts. Transportation should be reviewed to ensure it meets the requirements.

20 AM SOP Integrated Operating Plan20 IOP Dispatch Profile to Delivery Unit

21 AM SOP Integrated Operating Plan21 IOP Dispatch Profile to Delivery Unit

22 AM SOP Integrated Operating Plan22 IOP Dispatch Profile to Plant CFS Mail leaves on 1st P.M. dispatch truck. Letters trayed & sleeved. Flats in tubs with lids. Correctly labeled. All available collection mail on every PM dispatch truck. Culled to the Collection S.O.P. & properly labeled. Backflow-properly labeled, bands cut, plastic off and dispatched on earliest transportation. All RTS/ ACS must be prepared with proper labels. Sleeved and tagged if necessary. Dispatched on earliest PM transportation.

23 AM SOP Integrated Operating Plan23 IOP Dispatch Profile to Plant LOOP/MISSENT must be dispatched on earliest transportation. Properly labeled All empty equipment must be sent back to plant on earliest truck. All empty trays in one APC. All empty tubs in another APC. Nothing in BMCs. No wooden pallets. All Plastic pallets together. ALL TAGS REMOVED. All Insufficient Address Mail is worked in station, or sent back to Sender. Do NOT send to plant unworked. All transportation leaves on time

24 AM SOP Integrated Operating Plan24 Have you completed and submitted your SOP/Contingency Plans? Are your routes properly adjusted? Are your routes leaving on time? Are your routes returning on time? Is your Function 4 staffing adequate? Is your collection mail being properly prepared? Is your empty equipment being returned properly? IOP Delivery Unit Check-off List

25 AM SOP Integrated Operating Plan25 IOP Delivery Unit Check-off List Is your transportation arriving on time? Is your transportation leaving on time? Is your preventive maintenance (DBCS/CSBCS) schedule adhered to? Are you messaging I.O.P. to your employees daily/weekly? (Stand-Up Talks)Stand-Up Talks Are you adhering to all SOPs concerning CFS/RTS/LOOP/MISSENT mail?

26 AM SOP Integrated Operating Plan26 Delivery Unit Volume Arrival DOIS Dispatch Feedback Carrier Leave time DOIS Late Leave/Return Carrier return time DOIS Late Leave/Return Delivery Unit Process Indicators

27 AM SOP Integrated Operating Plan27 Delivery Unit IOP Tracking IOP compliance will be measured based on two DOIS reports –The Dispatch Feedback Report will measure compliance with AM volume arrival agreements from the plant to delivery units –The Late Leaving / Returning Report will measure compliance with PM collection arrival agreements from delivery units to the plant

28 AM SOP Integrated Operating Plan28 The DOIS Dispatch Feedback report will be used to determine if plant operations are meeting IOP agreements. DOIS Setup and Usage –Dispatch Information in DOIS must match the IOP agreement – times, trips, and mail percentages –Record volumes by trip –Use the actual trip arrival as the time entry instead of when the volume is actually recorded DOIS Dispatch Feedback Report

29 AM SOP Integrated Operating Plan29 Dispatch Setup in DOIS

30 AM SOP Integrated Operating Plan30 DOIS Dispatch Feedback Report Shows the planned percentage of volume available by trip Shows the actual percentage of volume available by trip The plan compared to the actual percentage serves as the basis for determining if the IOP agreement is working

31 AM SOP Integrated Operating Plan31 DOIS Dispatch Feedback Report - Selection

32 AM SOP Integrated Operating Plan32 DOIS Dispatch Feedback Report - Example

33 AM SOP Integrated Operating Plan33 Dispatch Feedback Report Goal Goal –Daily Review and Corrective Action as Needed –Volume arrival complies with IOP agreement 95% or higher over the previous four weeks

34 AM SOP Integrated Operating Plan34 Late Leaving / Returning Report DOIS 1813 – Late Leaving / Returning Report will be used –To determine if routes are leaving on time when volume is received on time according to the IOP –To determine if delivery units are meeting their goal to provide collection mail timely to the plant as part of IOP by getting carriers back on time

35 AM SOP Integrated Operating Plan35 DOIS 1813-Late Leaving / Returning

36 AM SOP Integrated Operating Plan36 Late Leaving and Returning Report

37 AM SOP Integrated Operating Plan37 DOIS Late Leaving / Returning Late Leaving / Returning Goal –Daily Review and Corrective Action Taken as Needed –Carriers leave on time 95% higher over the previous four weeks –Carriers returning on time 95% or higher over the previous four weeks indicates whether the collection mail will arrive as scheduled at the plant in compliance with the IOP

38 AM SOP Integrated Operating Plan38 Web Discrepancy Reporting To get to the Discrepancy Report: Select Your Cluster

39 AM SOP Integrated Operating Plan39 As a Customer you must perform the following procedures: 1. Go to Discrepancy WEB Page at http://lancaster/disc_menu/ (HINT: Assign it to your favorites for easy access) 2. Click on : Your District Click here for Instructions Reporting a Discrepancy Step 1

40 AM SOP Integrated Operating Plan40 Select IOP Team zip Reporting a Discrepancy Step 2

41 AM SOP Integrated Operating Plan41 Reporting a Discrepancy Step 3 Click on your choice IOP Menu only for IOP Teams

42 AM SOP Integrated Operating Plan42 Reporting a Discrepancy Step 4

43 AM SOP Integrated Operating Plan43 Reporting a Discrepancy Step 5

44 AM SOP Integrated Operating Plan44 Receiving an IOP Discrepancy -Take Action

45 AM SOP Integrated Operating Plan45 Receiving an IOP Discrepancy -Take Action

46 AM SOP Integrated Operating Plan46 Receiving an IOP Discrepancy -Take Action Enter Cause of Problem and Action taken to prevent recurrence here If you want to save your response and input more information later before final closing out press Save Action(s) then you can come back later & finalize your information and submit for close out. When you are finished entering information Press save Action(s) and Submit for Closeout

47 AM SOP Integrated Operating Plan47 View Completed Discrepancy

48 AM SOP Integrated Operating Plan48 View Completed Discrepancy

49 AM SOP Integrated Operating Plan49 Plant IOP Planning Daily Volume Projections For All Mail Types Daily EOR Chart Processing Plan By Equipment Type Daily Staffing Plan By Operation Area End Of Tour Inventory Report End Of Tour Turnover/ITOP Compliance Checklist.

50 AM SOP Integrated Operating Plan50 Tour 1 Mail Processing % of mail dispatched Dispatch Report Secondary distribution timely completion WEB EOR report Transportation On-time TIMES % report 4-8 Plant Process Indicators

51 AM SOP Integrated Operating Plan51 Plant IOP Tracking Operating Plan Achievement Actual Volume Versus Projected Volume Actual EOR Run Chart Versus Projected Run Chart Late Leaving Transportation Late Leaving Carriers

52 AM SOP Integrated Operating Plan52 Plant IOP Tracking Late Arriving Mail Service Tracking Daily Delivery Issues Tracked For Dissemination To Responsible Tours Maintenance Issues Tracked By Equipment Type

53 AM SOP Integrated Operating Plan53 Contract Once the contracts have been negotiated and agreed to, formalize the contract using the IOP Contract.IOP Contract

54 AM SOP Integrated Operating Plan54 We all work for Delivery Integrated Operating Plan

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