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Transition from the Long Shutdown to Hot Checkout: Pre-Hot Checkout Steve Suhring Operability Manager 6/6/13.

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1 Transition from the Long Shutdown to Hot Checkout: Pre-Hot Checkout Steve Suhring Operability Manager 6/6/13

2 Pre-Hot Checkout: Goal 2 The overarching goal... to establish that the CEBAF accelerator systems are in a state to support safe and effective operations during the HCO and beam commissioning tasks.

3 Pre-Hot Checkout: Timeline 3 Layered Approach Inspections (ongoing) System Reviews (June / July / August) Geographic Reviews (August / September) 3

4 4 Accelerator System Changes Songsheets CEBAF beamline element drawings

5 5 Accelerator System Changes 6GeV CEBAF elements removed

6 6 Accelerator System Changes 12GeV CEBAF elements installed

7 Pre-Hot Checkout 3-Layered Approach 7 Inspections –Field assessments –Identify issues –Track resolutions System Readiness Reviews –System status and operational limitations, checklists, preventive maintenance plans, spare parts status... Geographic Reviews –Cross-cutting readiness –System of Systems evaluation

8 Pre-Hot Checkout 3-Layered Approach 8

9 Layer 1 - Inspections 9 Evaluation of equipment readiness. Q/A punchlists –On-line database for tracking. Consistency checks between the Accelerator Song Sheets and the tunnel hardware. –Changes routed back to Engineering for correction.

10 Layer 1 - Inspections - Workmanship Punchlist of items needing attention. April 10, 2013. 10

11 Layer 1 - Inspections - Workmanship 11 Web based accounting. Operability Manager tracks to resolution.

12 Layer 1 - Inspections - Consistency 12 Song Sheet Checks Hard copies of beamline element layout taken to the field and marked up during the inspection. Clean copy made. Engineering issues ECO and revised Song Sheets.

13 Layer 2 – System Readiness 13

14 Layer 2 - System Readiness Reviews 14 System Readiness Reviews demonstrate –System Capability Safe & effective support for HCO –System Readiness System status, spares status, maintenance plans –Documentation New 12GeV equipment –Long Term Operations Plans for 20 years of CEBAF operations –HCO Checklists Status update and development plan for completing prior to HCO System Review results go to the Director of Operations

15 Layer 2 - System Readiness: ABIL ABIL (Accelerator Bypassed-Interlock Log) is a new system (policy, process, software) that defines the requirements for bypassing system interlocks. A new database was created to track bypassed interlocks. –It replaces an outdated and under-utilized system. A new Interlock Bypassed tag was created and distributed. –Attach one tag to the equipment for each bypassed interlock. Training (SAF144) is required for employees working with systems that may install interlock bypasses. The policy does not apply to Personal Safety System equipment. 15

16 Layer 2 - System Readiness: ABIL 16 ABIL: Interlock Bypassed Tags

17 Layer 3 – Geographic Readiness 17

18 Layer 3 - Geographic Reviews 18 Cross cutting readiness evaluation by location –CEBAF as a System of Systems Song Sheet completeness –Final field checks CEBAF Element Database (CED) completeness –One for one correlation of components to the CED Control Screen completeness –Screens and controls available to operate CEBAF Geographic Review results go to the Director of Operations

19 Geographic Reviews 19 Review Committee –Broad knowledge base from Accelerator Operations, Software, Engineering, and Accelerator Physics –Many of the principle people involved in developing and carrying out the commissioning plan.

20 Pre-Hot Checkout - Summary Pre-Hot Checkout will establish that CEBAF systems can support safe and effective operations during Hot Checkout and Beam Commissioning 20 3 Layered Approach –Inspections –System Reviews –Geographic Reviews

21 Appendix 21

22 12GeV Construction Overview Work process during the Long Shutdown paralleled 6GeV era work process. 0800 Meetings held daily during the week Tools in place to guide work –Daily summaries –Work Plan of the Day (ATLis Work Map) –Long Range Plan shown daily (SAD Calendar) Tasks are planned, approved, documented, and communicated via the Accelerator Task List (ATLis) 22

23 23 12GeV Construction Execution Daily reports from previous 24 hours presented by the Program Deputy during the 0800 Morning Meeting. Progress and problems are reported. Posted in an electronic logbook as a historic representation of work performed.

24 24 12GeV Construction Execution ALTis Work Map provides a graphical representation of work plan of the day and is maintained by the Program Deputy and presented at the 0800 Morning Meeting.

25 25 12GeV Construction Execution The SAD Calendar (Scheduled Accelerator Down) provides a longer range look at planned work. Links to the ATLis tasks make for quick access to documentation for work including Hazard Identification, engineering documents, comments, approval, and job details.

26 26 12GeV Construction Execution The Accelerator Task List (ATLis) provides a web-based work planning tool that documents safety considerations, approval process, ties to additional documentation such as permits, drawings, files, photos, etc.

27 Pre-HCO: System Readiness Reviews 27 Facilities, Management and Logistics (FML) 6/20/13 Cryogenics 6/27/13 Safety Systems / Radcon 7/11/13 Software 7/18/13 Transport 7/25/13 Diagnostics, Instrumentation and Controls 8/1/13 Acceleration 8/8/13

28 System Readiness Reviews 28 Details from CEBAF Systems Readiness Review Process for 12GeV Commissioning

29 System Readiness - ABIL 29

30 30 August 2, 2012 SE Recombiner. All magnets removed for rebuild. New top and baseplates installed. Geographic Reviews May 30, 2013 All magnets and beampipe installed.

31 System Readiness 31 May 18, 2012 Empty Linac slots from 4GeV CEBAF May 21, 2013 Installed C100 Cryomodules in support of 12GeV CEBAF

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