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Badge Control, Attendance, TACS AM Standard Operating Procedure.

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1 Badge Control, Attendance, TACS AM Standard Operating Procedure

2 Badge Control, Attendance, TACS2 Badge Control In FY-02 Overtime in one Area cost an estimated $600 million dollars Of that OT, one Area Audit determined unneeded or unauthorized overtime cost an estimated $111 million dollars (18 %)

3 Badge Control, Attendance, TACS3 Reasons For Unauthorized OT No Control Of Employee Badges Badge Racks Not Locked Employees Have Early BT’s Employees Keep Badges On Their Persons All Day

4 Badge Control, Attendance, TACS4 Badge Control - Before

5 Badge Control, Attendance, TACS5 Badge Control - SOP Badge Rack And Reader Should Be Located In Easy View Of Supervisor Badge Racks Should Always Be Locked Supervisor Should Unlock Badge Rack 5 Minutes Prior To Employees Begin Tour Ensure Unclaimed Badges Are Withdrawn Or Made Unavailable Ensure Employees Do Not Take Badges With Them

6 Badge Control, Attendance, TACS6 Badge Control - SOP Ensure employees have no more than 1 timecard Prohibit the use of timecard swapping with other employees Provide a locked container for employees to place their badge cards after ending their workday

7 Badge Control, Attendance, TACS7 Badge Control - After

8 Badge Control, Attendance, TACS8 Badge Control - After

9 Badge Control, Attendance, TACS9 AM Attendance Control Procedures Upon arrival to your workstation, determine any unscheduled absences Absent employee’s badge should be pulled and held with PS form 3971 Print all 3971’s for employees signature Manager will enter all changes of schedule into DOIS

10 Badge Control, Attendance, TACS10 AM Attendance Control Procedures Determination for filling any vacant position SHOULD NOT be made prior to volume being entered into DOIS Unscheduled absences should not necessitate replacement overtime Managers responsibilities for message reports should not be addressed at this time All message functions are to be completed after all morning delivery functions are complete

11 Badge Control, Attendance, TACS11 Time & Attendance Collection System It Will Permit The Manager To Verify / Review –Reporting Time –Operation Number –Leave Time –Return Time –End Time The TACS System Provides Supervisors With Actual Work Hour Data Used To Monitor Their Labor Hours And Dollars At The Local Level

12 Badge Control, Attendance, TACS12 TACS - SOP A standard operating procedure has been implemented in this processstandard operating procedure Below are the reports available in TACS and incorporated into this SOP –Clock Ring Errors –Unauthorized Overtime –Employee Moves –Previous Day Work Hours –Station Summary –Tour Deviation

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