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Supervisor / PM / Manager SOP1 AM Standard Operating Procedure Checklists.

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1 Supervisor / PM / Manager SOP1 AM Standard Operating Procedure Checklists

2 Supervisor / PM / Manager SOP2 A.M. Delivery Supervisor Identify unscheduled absences Check MDCD status / assure connectivity-download Log into DOIS, minimize screen allow for auto-EOR download Record initial distribution of mail utilizing DCD & PCRS procedures Ensure mail is color coded/National policy Verify all available flats are staged at carrier cases (prior to 1st carrier reporting time) Download DCD volume in DOIS / roll-in prior days curtailed WEB ADVANCE – enter piece count in DOIS Review workload based on initial volume and volume remaining in F4 operation

3 Supervisor / PM / Manager SOP3 A.M. Delivery Supervisor Adjust / assign route coverage Review TACS clock ring error report / make corrections Badge control completed Group discussion accomplished Observe vehicle observations Ensure carriers case flats first Log into TACS – print employee clock ring / tour deviation report Record final volume using DCD / download into DOIS Finalize workload / work hour assignment using DOIS WL/WH reports Capture under time using pivot / standby – record in DOIS & on tracking sheet

4 Supervisor / PM / Manager SOP4 A.M. Delivery Supervisor Convey individual carrier expectations based on workload projections Review PS Forms 3996 / document discuss and provide carrier instructions Log into MYPO. Print customer hold, redelivery requests & service issues Monitor workroom floor ensure proper carrier work habits, timely accountable mail receipt, safety, office SOP and breaks adhered to Complete CSDRS and transmit Review previous days reports, identify UA hours and address performance issues Monitor carrier pull down and loading procedures, ensure carrier cases are clear of mail

5 Supervisor / PM / Manager SOP5 Postmaster/Station-Branch Manager Review carrier call offs Log on to TACS, review supervisor reports Log on to DOIS – assess volumes recorded / workload assignment Monitor clerk / carrier activity Discuss impact items for office (sick calls, volume, etc.) strategies for the day – w/supervisor Discuss work hour/workload plan for day – w/supervisor Review DOIS performance reports & address issues w/supervisor Address labor/attendance issues

6 Supervisor / PM / Manager SOP6 Postmaster/Station-Branch Manager Communicate w/supervisor on MYPO issues Monitor carrier standby time sheets Review CSDRS-DOIS reports ( projected versus actual and UA OT) for feedback from supervisor Review MSP report / scans on-time and scan % goals Review AVUS vehicle summary & utilization report

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