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ICAgile Education Roadmap Agile Education Accreditation & Certification.

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1 ICAgile Education Roadmap Agile Education Accreditation & Certification

2 Mission & Objectives We advance Agile education across the industry by: – Enabling the development of learning objectives in all Agile disciplines needed for the enterprise While ensuring quality Agile education for students by: – Accrediting courses – Granting certifications ICAgile Education Roadmap| Accreditation & Certification2

3 Origins Ahmed Sidky, PhD, brought together a team of Agile visionaries Agile Manifesto signatory, Dr. Alistair Cockburn, was co-founder Accreditation model suggested by Ahmeds father, also a PhD, who assists administrators throughout the Middle East in creating accredited university programs ICAgile Education Roadmap| Accreditation & Certification3

4 Operations Jennifer Stone - Managing Director Joined ICAgile September 2012 Creates policies & procedures to: – Support student learning – Protect value of certifications – Provide market differentiation ICAgile Education Roadmap| Accreditation & Certification4

5 What is Agile? 5ICAgile Education Roadmap| Accreditation & Certification

6 Why another certification body? Disciplines – not roles – We help students excel in their chosen disciplines – We dont mold individuals into specific roles Methodology-agnostic – Most organizations dont adopt a pure methodology – Agile values & principles applied to any environment Comprehensive education roadmap – Supporting all disciplines within an enterprise – No other program covers a breadth of disciplines across the organization rather than limiting itself to the IT department ICAgile Education Roadmap| Accreditation & Certification6

7 ICAgile Learning Philosophy Our understanding of Learning & Education continues to evolve. We are dedicated to leading the professional training community in the recognition and adoption of effective education approaches, such as self-organized learning environments, online classes, self-directed study, experiential learning, and demonstrating competency over taking exams. We recognize that intelligence comes in many forms and that learning can be demonstrated in a variety of ways. We are committed to working with training organizations, students, the Agile community and education leaders to validate learning in ways that are fair and supportive while maintaining high standards to protect the value of ICAgile accreditation and certifications. ICAgile Education Roadmap| Accreditation & Certification7

8 , ICM Sarah Tanner Commits to learn Acquires knowledge Develops competency Builds proficiency & depth, ICP, ICP-TC, ICE ICAgile Learning Model ICAgile Education Roadmap| Accreditation & Certification8 ICAgile Recognizes commitment Validates knowledge acquisition Validates competency Validates proficiency & depth ICAgile Certified Professional ICAgile Certified Expert ICAgile Certified Master Agilist

9 ICAgile Education Roadmap| Accreditation & Certification9

10 Certification Levels ICAgile Certified Professional (ICP) ICP-Team Facilitation ICP-Agile Coaching ICP-Project Management ICP-Testing Fundamentals ICP-Business Value Analysis ICAgile Certified Expert (ICE) ICE-Agile Software Design & Development ICE-Agile Software Testing & Coaching ICE-Agile Team Facilitation ICE-Enterprise Coaching ICE-Agile Project Management ICE-Value Management & Business Analysis ICE-Executive Leadership ICAgile Certified Master Agilist (ICM) ICAgile Education Roadmap| Accreditation & Certification10 ICP-Advanced Project Management ICP-Test Automation ICP-Advanced Testing ICP-Test Automation with TDD ICP-Business Value Management

11 ICAgile Certified Professional (ICP) Beginning-level certification Granted to students who attend an accredited Fundamentals of Agile course – The ICP is the visible commitment students make to themselves and their colleagues to understand the Agile values and principles and pursue additional learning. – Earning the ICP signals a students statement of intent to act as a professional in the Agile community. – Students who adopt the ICP title and refer to themselves as Agile Professionals are more likely to behave in a way that reflects that label. As such, we grant the ICP without an accompanying evaluation. Focuses on the Agile values & principles Prerequisite for ICE ICP level includes Continuing Education Certifications (CEC) – CECs are optional certifications – Require an evaluation – Extend the learners Professional status into a specific track of learning, eg. ICP-Team Facilitation ICAgile Education Roadmap| Accreditation & Certification11

12 ICAgile Certified Expert (ICE) Earned in specific discipline Requires passing the track Gate – Credit for all themes in the track – Significant experience – Evidence of competency ICAgile Education Roadmap| Accreditation & Certification12

13 ICAgile Certified Master Agilist (ICM) Most advanced certification a student can earn Still being defined Expected to require Expert certification in multiple tracks Additional significant experience, competency and leadership in the Agile community ICAgile Education Roadmap| Accreditation & Certification13

14 Current & In-Progress Tracks Agile Software Design & Development Agile Software Testing Agile Team Facilitation & Coaching Enterprise Coaching Agile Project Management Value Management & Business Analysis Executive Leadership ICAgile Education Roadmap| Accreditation & Certification14

15 ICAgile Education Roadmap| Accreditation & Certification15

16 Agile Education Transcript ICAgile Education Roadmap| Accreditation & Certification16

17 Agile Education Transcript ICAgile Education Roadmap| Accreditation & Certification17

18 Consortium Members Member Training Organizations and Member Academic Organizations ASPE (USA) Santeon Group (USA and Middle East) Agile Coaching Institute (International) SoftEd (Australia, Asia Pacific) BSSNexus (Canada, South America, and India) Agile Transformation (USA) Kaizania Academies (South Africa) Ciklum (Europe) ScrumTrek (Russia) SQE (USA) ICAgile Guidance for Track Designers | Leading Agile (USA) Agile Dimension (Online) Luxoft (Ukraine) SMS Management and Technology (Australia) Team Catapult (USA) IT University of Copenhagen (Denmark) Global Business Development (Denmark) Coveros (USA) Humans and Technology (International)

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