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Responding to Change AM Standard Operating Procedure.

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1 Responding to Change AM Standard Operating Procedure

2 Responding to Change2 Integrated Operating Plan Assumptions Automated letters are maximized Office is currently an AFSM 100 or 1000 site Standard ‘A’ is separated from FC Arrival times at the unit are correct 80% of cased letters and 100% of cased flats are available at carrier arrival time

3 Responding to Change3 Delivery Supervisor AM SOP AM SOP Is A Roadmap To Utilize –Current Programs –Policies –Procedures And Facilitate: –Improving Efficiencies –Matching Workload To Work Hours –Stabilizing Route Structure And Staffing

4 Responding to Change4 Postal Regulations Inquiry Manual (PRIM) All issues addressed within this training are contained in the M39, F21, M41, and ELM. This training will provide excerpts for your use addressing all items identified. "Experience is not what happens to you; it's what you do with what happens to you.“ Aldous Huxley “If you can learn from hard knocks, you can also learn from soft touches.” Carolyn Kenmore “Manage things, lead people” Ted Paskiewicz

5 Responding to Change5 PRIM - Purpose To provide the supervisors and managers with a "pocket sized" quick reference to the rules and regulations pertaining to the daily duties and responsibilities of the delivery unit employees. To provide a source for quick and accurate answers, along with references, to the more common questions and inquiries that arise during the supervision of a delivery unit. To provide tools for the supervisor to insure the safe, effective and efficient operation of a delivery unit.

6 Responding to Change6 PRIM – Ten Major Sections Duties and Responsibilities of the City Carrier Office Duties Street Duties AVUS Procedures Grievance File Checklist

7 Responding to Change7 PRIM – Ten Major Sections Reference Index Fast Find Index AMS and Route Edit Books Supervision Tools DOIS

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