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9-1 Building Overseas Empires Cornell Notes

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1 9-1 Building Overseas Empires Cornell Notes
EQ: How did Western nations come to dominate much of the world in the late 1800’s?

2 Imperialism – Takeover of a country or territory by a stronger nation for the purpose of domination.

3 Motives Driving the New Imperialism
Economic interests Industrialization – more access to natural resources Ex: rubber, petroleum, manganese, palm oil Created markets to sell products on = $$$

4 2. Political and Military
Motives Continued 2. Political and Military Steam-powered ships and naval vessels needed bases to take on coal and supplies Industrial countries seized land for this Nationalism – when one European country began expanding others tried to stop them, by controlling land around them

5 3. Humanitarian and Religious goals
Motives Continued 3. Humanitarian and Religious goals Genuine concern for their “little brothers” beyond the seas Missionaries began taking the Christian religion to new areas “White Man’s Burden” Idea that it was the white mans responsibility to take civilization to the rest of the world Examples: Medicine Law Christianity

6 4. Social Darwinism & Racism
Motives Continued 4. Social Darwinism & Racism Growing sense of racial superiority Applied Darwin's “survival of the fittest” to human societies European races were seen as being superior to others European imperial domination of weaker races was natures way of improving the human species Millions of non-westerners (Europeans) were robbed of their cultural heritage. Europeans Everyone Else

7 Rapid Spread of Imperialism
European nations grew strong in 1800’s Other older civilizations were in decline (ex: Ottoman empire, China, Mughal India) European societies had superior technology Ex: medicines - quinine, weapons (maxim gun, repeating rifles, etc) Resistance – Africans and Asians strongly resisted imperialism However, lacked the technology

8 Criticism of Imperialism
Some people argued that imperialism was Tool of the rich Immoral Western countries promoted democracy at home, but not abroad.

9 Forms of Imperial Rule Indirect Control – (Protectorate)
Relied on existing leaders Gov’t institutions were based on European styles British, U.S used Indirect control

10 Forms of Imperial Rule Cont.
Direct Control (Sphere of Influence) Foreign leaders rule Viewed Africans as Children unable to rule themselves Control the local trade and economy French, Germans, Portuguese used Direct control

11 Chapter 9 Vocabulary Imperialism Protectorate Sphere of Influence
Paternalistic David Livingstone Boer War Elite Sultan Genocide Concession Sepoy Viceroy Deforestation Balance of trade Open Door Policy. Trade surplus Trade deficit Opium War Taiping Rebellion Boxer Uprising

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