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Building Overseas Empires

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1 Building Overseas Empires
9.1 Notes

2 I. Motives Driving the New Imperialism
Imperialism- the domination of one country of the political, economic or cultural life of another country or region Beginning in 1870 Europeans aggressively expanded bringing much of the world under their control

3 I. Motives Driving the New Imperialism cont.
Economic Interests Wanted natural resources New markets to sell goods Political/ Military Bases around the world Empire increased prestige

4 I. Motives Driving the New Imperialism cont.
Humanitarian/ Religious Concern for “little brothers” Duty to spread blessings of Western Civ. Medicine Law Christianity Social Darwinism Imperial domination was nature’s way

5 II. Reasons Western Imperialism Spread Quickly
Weakness of Non-Western States Old Empires like Ottoman/China were in decline Slave trade/ Wars weakened Africa Western Advantages Well organized governments/armies Superior technology Maxim Machine gun, repeating rifles, steam warships Medicine, telegraph

6 III. Forms of Imperial Rule
French direct rule Impose culture, law on colonies, French admin British indirect rule Protectorate Local rulers left in place, expected to follow orders Minimal occupation Sphere of influence Area where a power claims exclusive trading privileges

7 9.1 Assessment

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