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Chapter 9 The New Imperialism

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1 Chapter 9 The New Imperialism

2 Building Overseas Empires
Imperialism: the domination by one country of the political, economic, or cultural life of another country or region. Empire: a group of states under one ruler. Imperialism: the process of forming an empire by creating colonies. Read Comparing Viewpoints pg. 288 - What is Cecil Rhodes argument for imperialism? - What is Chief Kabongo’s argument against it?

3 Causes of New Imperialism
Economic Causes Need for natural resources Desire to expand markets Desire to invest profits Outlet needed for growing populations Economies strengthened by Industrial Revolution

4 Social Causes Desire to spread Christianity
Desire to share Western civilization Belief in European racial superiority Belief in Social Darwinism

5 Political and Military Causes
Bases needed for merchant and naval vessels Nationalism National security Prestige of global empire Strong, centrally governed nation-states

6 Technological Causes Advances in communication Medical knowledge
Advances in weaponry Advances in overseas travel

7 Forms of Imperial Rule Define each form of rule and give the European nation that used each form. Direct Rule: Indirect Rule: - Protectorate: 3. Sphere of Influence:

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