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How does an STD affect a baby?

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1 How does an STD affect a baby?
Discussion Starter 9/25/12 How does an STD affect a baby?

2 Chlamydia Most widespread – 4 million cases per year Symptoms
Often asymptomatic Burning urination Abdominal pain, nausea, fever in females Can lead to Pelvic Inflammatory Disease & sterility Caused by bacteria Treat with antibiotics Danger for babies and moms Respiratory infections, conjunctivitis, pneumonia, blindness Ectopic pregnancy, premature delivery, stillbirth

3 CHLAMYDIA Chlamydia discharge in an adult and infant’s eye (left and below) Chlamydia discharge from the cervix (left)

4 Gonorrhea Symptoms Cause Dangers to mom and baby Asymptomatic
Genital burning, itching, discharge Can lead to PID and sterility Cause Bacterial – treat with antibiotics Dangers to mom and baby Miscarriage, ectopic pregnancy, premature delivery Skin infection, respiratory infection, infections of the genitals, eyes, arthritis, meningitis, blood infection, blindness, death


6 GONORRHEA Lesions on tongue from Gonorrhea
Gonorrhea infection in newborn’s eye. Gonorrhea can cause blindness in newborns, so an ointment is now put into the eyes of all newborns born in U.S. hospitals as a precaution.

7 GONORRHEA Gonorrhea chancre on skin (above) and ankle (left)

8 Chlamydia and Gonorrhea have similar symptoms
CHLAMYDIA & GONORRHEA Chlamydia and Gonorrhea have similar symptoms


10 Syphilis Symptoms Cause Dangers to Baby 1 stage – chancre (open sore)
2nd stage – fevers, rash, hair loss 3rd stage – attack of the central nervous system leading to death Cause Bacteria – treat with antibiotics if caught in time Dangers to Baby Stillbirth, neonatal death, congenital syphilis, skin sores, fever, swollen liver, jaundice, anemia, deformities, death

11 SPIROCHETE (The organism that causes Syphilis)
The spirochete, the organism that causes syphilis is characterized by it’s corkscrew appearance.

12 PRIMARY SYPHILIS (first stage chancre appears)
Syphilis chancre on tongue and roof of mouth Syphilis chancre on lip Syphilis chancres will appear at the point of inoculation or exposure.

13 PRIMARY SYPHILIS (first stage chancre appears)
Syphilis chancre on penis (left) and vaginal area (right) Chancres sometimes look as though several layers of skin are missing

14 SECONDARY SYPHILIS (second stage a rash appears)

15 SECONDARY SYPHILIS (second stage a rash appears)
Syphilis is highly contagious when the rash appears. Once the disease reaches the latent and fourth stage it is no longer contagious. Secondary Syphilis lesions on palms Secondary Syphilis lesions on the feet

16 SECONDARY SYPHILIS (second stage a rash appears)
Secondary Syphilis lesions will appear on the the hands, feet and over the entire body. Remember that the Tertiary or Third stage is when the disease is dormant and there will be no symptoms. It can last up to 20 years in this dormant stage.

17 LATE STAGE SYPHILIS (fourth stage attacks body organs)
In the late stages of syphilis it can actually eat away at the skin and body’s organs including the brain.

18 Genital Herpes Symptoms Cause Dangers
Open sores on the sex organs resembling cold sores that will heal in about three weeks. Cause Virus – no cure Treatments include medicines that shorten length of outbreak & frequency of outbreaks Dangers To babies upon delivery – brain damage or death

19 GENITAL HERPES (on the lips)
Genital Herpes lesions on Lips

20 GENITAL HERPES (In newborns)
Remember that the case study in the “Choosing the Best Life” curriculum says that herpes lesions are very painful and feel like pouring lemon juice into an open cut. Think of the pain that these babies will go through their entire life because of the decisions that their mothers made before their births. Herpes in a newborn that went through the birth canal of an infected mother. Herpes lesions will reappear throughout the baby’s lifetime. There is NO CURE! Herpes in the eye of a child. The lesions will appear over and over throughout the child's lifetime. Treatable, but there is NO CURE!

21 GENITAL HERPES (in the mouth)
Genital Herpes lesions inside the mouth

22 GENITAL HERPES (on the hand)

23 GENITAL HERPES (on arm)

24 GENITAL HERPES Herpes lesions

25 Genital Warts (Human Papilloma Virus)
Symptoms Growths on sex organs causing discomfort and itching Can lead to cancer (HPV and cervical cancer) Cause Virus Treatment – doctor can remove but will grow back Gardasil and Cervarix vaccines Dangers to Baby Respiratory papillomatosis


Stress that the warts can be removed, but since the virus remains they will come back. They will have to removed again each time that they reappear. Venereal Warts that result from the HPV virus

28 Human Immunodeficiency Virus HIV
Symptoms Asymptomatic Attacks the immune system Cause Virus transmitted through blood, semen, vaginal secretions, breast milk – NO CURE Treatment – drugs can slow the virus’ ability to attack white blood cells Danger Over time enough white blood cells are destroyed that the condition become AIDS and leads to death Babies born to mothers with HIV are likely to develop AIDS before their 2nd birthday and die.

29 Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome (AIDS)
Symptoms Body’s inability to fight infection leads to variety of cancers, diseases, pneumonia, etc. Cause HIV Treatment – none – slow death

30 AIDS/HIV in Oklahoma


32 AQUIRED IMMUNODEFICIENCY SYNDROME (AIDS) (each yellow dot represents 30 cases)
Point out that this chart only goes up to 1997, but it still can give us valuable information and show how fast and where AIDS spread during the years of Point out that there are no dots in western Oklahoma where we live. Ask if this means that we don’t have to worry about anybody around here having AIDS? No, this only means that there might have been only 29 cases (one dot = 30 cases for reasons of confidentiality) by 1997. Also point out that most people who find out they are HIV + will probably need to relocate to larger cities where more specialized medical care would be available (like OKC and Tulsa in Oklahoma). It would also make it easier to stay anonymous in larger communities.

Kaposi’s sarcoma on the leg of an AIDS patient. Not until a person starts getting certain opportunistic diseases that have symptoms that show, like Kaposi’s sarcoma will anybody be able to tell that someone might have AIDS. Kaposi’s sarcoma: A cancer that usually involves the skin, mucous membranes, and lymph nodes. Ordinarily appearing first on the legs or arms, this disease affects people with AIDS more than it does other people.

Kaposi’s sarcoma on the body of an AIDS patient.

Oral Leukoplakia in an AIDS patient

Both oral thrush and vaginal yeast infections can occur in people who don’t have AIDS, but once a person comes down with AIDS, they will have reoccurring bouts with both of these common infections because their immune systems can’t fight them. Oral yeast infections called THRUSH are common in AIDS patients. Recurring vaginal yeast infections are common in AIDS patients.

37 Hepatitis B Symptoms Cause Danger to Baby
Flu-like symptoms as the liver is attacked Cause Virus – no cure, most recover but may have developed liver disease or cancer Vaccine available Danger to Baby Congenital hepatitis Low birth weight, malformations, stillbirth, abortion

38 HEPATITIS (normal liver)

39 HEPATITIS (effects on the liver)

40 HEPATITIS The whites of the eyes and the skin appear yellow in a person with hepatitis because the liver can’t do it’s normal job of filtering the blood.

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