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Reproductive Health Concerns

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1 Reproductive Health Concerns

2 Bacterial

3 Chlamydia Infects reproductive organs and causes a mucus discharge
More new cases of chlamydia than any other STD Symptoms: Females: pain during urination, vaginal discharge or bleeding, pelvic pain Males: pain during urination, discharge from penis. Treatmnet: Antibiotics Untreated: Females: infertility, pelvic pain, ectopic pregnancy, PID Males: can injure reproductive organs, swolllen and tender testicles. Infants: illness, blindness

4 Gonorrhea Infects mucus membranes. Symptoms: Treatment: Untreated:
Females: often no obvious signs, pain during urination, vaginal discharge or bleeding, pain in abdomen. Males: Pain during urination, discharge from the penis. Treatment: Antibiotics, becoming more difficult to treat because bacterial is changing. Untreated: Females: PID, ectopic pregnancies, infertility. Males: scarring of the urethra, difficulty urinating, painful swelling of testicles, infertility. Infants: blindness, joint infection, life-threatening blood infection.

5 Syphillis Can cause ulcers or chancres, damages nervous system and other body organs. Symptoms: Phase 1 (10-90 days) – painless ulcers where bacteria entered. Phase 2 (2 to 8 wks) – fever, rash, swollen lymph nodes, joint pain, muscle ashes. Phase 3 (2 years or more) – heart and nervous system damage, blindness, loss of mental abilities, possible death. Treatment: Antibiotics, can be cured in the early stages. Untreated: Mental and phyical disabilities. Infants – premature birth, severe mental disabilities, deafness, death.

6 Pelvic Inflammatory Disease (PID)
Inflammation of the upper female reproductive tract caused by migration of infection from vagina. Symptoms: Pain in the pelvic region, vaginal discharge, long and painful menstrual periods, fever, painful urniation, nausea. Treatment: Antibiotics, surgery may be needed if infection is left untreated. Untreated: Scars in the fallopian tubes or uterus, ectopic pregnancy, infertility, chronic pelvic pain.

7 Parasite

8 Pubic Lice (crabs) Lice in the pubic hair that crawl on skin and lay eggs on the hairs. Symptoms: Intense itching in the pubic area. Treatment: Medication can kill the lice. Wash all bed linens and clothes. Untreated: Skin damage can occur.

9 Scabies Tiny mites that burrow into the skin. Symptoms: Treatment:
Intense itching in the infected area. Treatment: Medication can kill the mites, wash all bed linens and clothes. Untreated: Skin damage can occur

10 Trichomoniasis Caused by a protozoan. Symptoms: Treatment: Untreated:
Females – itching, discharge from the vagina, painful urination. Males – usually no symptoms. Treatment: Can be cured with a prescribed medicine. Untreated: Females – bladder and urethral infections, premature birth. Males – inflammed urethra.

11 Viral

12 Human Papilloma Virus (HPV)
Can cuase genital warts and cervical cancer. Symptoms: Females – genital and anal warts, abnormal papsmear. Males – genital and anal warts. Treatment: No treatment, warts can be treated b surgical removal, freezing or medication. Vaccine for women against the 4 types of HPV that causes most genital warts and cancers. Untreated: Cervical cancer, genital cancers.

13 Hepatitis Inflammation of the liver.
Both B and C can be sexually transmitted. Symptoms: Jaundice, tiredness and muscle ashes, fever, dark urine. Treatment: No cure, medications may help stop spread of virus. Vaccdine available for A and B Untreated: Liver damage, failure, cancer, premature death.

14 Genital Herpes 2 types of herpes simplex virus HSV-1 and HSV-2
Symptoms: HSV- 1 - cold sores and blisters usually occur aourn the mouth. HSV-2 – red bumps, blisters and sores on or around genitals, fever, swollen lymph nodes. Treatment: No cure, antiviral medications can shorten outbreaks and reduce their frequency. Untreated: Infected for life, can pass on to baby infections of liver, brain, skin, eyes, mouth, can lead to death.

15 Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV)
Infects cells of the immune system and causes AIDS. Symptoms: Phase 1 (initial exposure to 10 yrs) – fatigue, weight loss, fever, diarrhea, swollen lymph nodes. Phase 2 – phase 1 symptoms, forgetfulness, difficulty thinking. Phase 3 – weakened immune system, infections, weight loss. Treatment: No cure, a combination of drugs can delay the start of serious symptoms. Untreated: Malnutrition, loss of mobility, opportunistic infections, cancer, premature death.

16 Acquired Immunodeficiency Syndrome (AIDS)
From HIV; progressively reduces the immune system. Symptoms: Less than 200 T cells. Symptoms from opportunistic diseases. Treatment: Antiviral therapy Medication for symptoms of other illnesses. Untreated: Death

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