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1 STDs

2 STDs Sexually Transmitted Diseases – Infectious diseases spread from person to person through sexual contact A person can have an infection and pass the infection on to others without necessarily having the disease Most common communicable disease in the US

3 Statistics About 300 million people live in the US
65 million people in the US have an incurable STD 15 million new cases each year

4 High Risk Behaviors Being sexually active with more than one person
Engaging in unprotected sex Selecting high risk partners Using alcohol and other drugs

5 Common STDs

6 STD Symptoms Treatment What could happen HPV Asymptomatic Genital warts No Cure Treatment for symptoms Cervical cancer Throat warts Chlamydia Genital Herpes Gonorrhea Trichomoniasis Syphilis HIV/AIDS

7 Human Papillomavirus Virus that can cause genital warts or asymptomatic infection Most common STD in the US 50 – 75 percent of sexually active individuals acquire HPV during their lifetime 6 million new cases a year Symptoms and potential health problems: Genital warts – Pink or reddish warts with cauliflower like tops that appear on the genitals, the vagina or the cervix one to three months after infection from HPV Throat warts Cervical cancer No treatment

8 Chlamydia Bacterial infection that affects the reproductive organs of both males and females Symptoms: No visible symptoms in over half of all infected Discharge and burning sensation while urinating Irreversible damage such as infertility 3 million new cases a year Can be treated with antibiotics, but no immunity develops so a person can become infected again

9 Genital Herpes An STD caused by the herpes simplex virus
Causes cold sores or genital sores Can pass on disease when no visible sores are present Prevalence: About 1 in 6 people have herpes 1 million new cases a year Medication can relive symptoms but the virus remains in the body for life

10 Gonorrhea A bacterial STD that usually affects mucous membranes
700,000 new cases a year Symptoms and complications: Burning sensation while urinating Swollen testicles Pelvic inflammatory disease Infertility Can be treated with antibiotics but treatment is complicated

11 Trichomoniasis An STD caused by a microscopic protozoan that results in infections of the vagina, urethra and bladder Most common curable STD 5 million new cases occur each year Can result in vaginitis or an inflammation of the vagina

12 Syphilis An STD that attacks many parts of the body and is caused by small bacterium called a spirochete Stages: First sign is a sore at the sight of the infection Sore will heal on its own Disease can spread to other parts of the body Damage internal organs, cause paralysis Treatment: Easy to treat in early stages If not treated within the first year complications can occur

13 HIV and AIDS Human Immunodeficiency Virus – a virus that attacks the immune system Infection is progressive, not instant Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome – a disease in which the immune system of the patient is weakened Transmitted through blood, semen, vaginal secretions and breast milk

14 Consequences of STDs Long term and serious Incurable Cause cancer
Embarrassing Affect ability to reproduce Can be passed to children

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