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STD Review.

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1 STD Review

2 Chlamydia- most common bacterial STD
Caused by bacteria 75% of females, 50% of males have no symptoms Transmitted through all types of sexual contact, mother to baby Most show no symptoms. Symptoms can include burning during urination, discharge, pain during sex Problems: PID and sterility in women, inflammation of the urethra, eye infections in babies born to infected mothers

3 Chlamydia Can be cured Treated with antibiotics for all partners
Prevention: abstinence, mutual monogamy, condoms

4 Herpes Caused by virus, type 1 or type 2
Transmitted by sexual contact-can be transmitted when sores are not present, skin to skin, and close body contact Often no symptoms, internal and external sores on genitals Problems: virus remains in body, can have out breaks at any time, can be transmitted to newborns

5 Herpes

6 Herpes Cannot be cured- it’s a virus
Treated with medications that can shorten the length and severity of outbreaks Preventions: abstinence, condoms may decrease risk depending on location of sores

7 Genital Warts Caused by Human Papilloma virus
Transmitted by direct contact with skin infected with wart virus, and all types of sex Symptoms: none, or warts on the cervix, genital or anal area. Problems: increases risk for cervical cancer, transmitted to infants during birth

8 Genital Warts

9 Genital Warts Cannot be cured since it’s a virus
Treated by medications that are put on the warts, freezing warts, laser therapy or surgery Prevention: Abstinence, condoms may reduce exposure depending on location

10 Gonorrhea Caused by a bacteria Transmitted through sexual contact
Symptoms: often have none, discharge from genitals and burning during urination Problems: PID in females and sterility in both, can cause infection and blindness in infants if passed on during birth

11 Gonorrhea Treated/cured with antibiotics
Prevention: abstinence, condom use

12 Hepatitis B Caused by Hepatitis B virus, causes infection of the liver
Transmitted through very tiny amounts of blood. Sex is the most common transmission route in the US. 100x more easily spread than HIV. Symptoms: Flu Like: abdominal pain, nausea, vomiting, fatigue, jaundice, lack of appetite. Many have no symptoms

13 Hepatitis B Problems: long term liver damage, liver cancer
Treatment: no cure, antiviral drugs may help. Rest, good nutrition, avoiding alcohol and drugs Prevention: Hep. B vaccine, abstinence, correct sterilization of needles, condom use, latex gloves when in contact with blood.

14 Pubic Lice Caused by tiny insects that infest body hair, feed on human blood. Also called crabs, cooties Transmitted by close or sexual contact, shared sheets, towels, clothing. Symptoms: no symptoms, or severe itching, may be able to see the lice

15 Pubic Lice Problems: infection due to scratching
Treatment: special creams, shampoos Prevention: Abstinence, all partners must e treated, all bedding and clothing must be washed, don’t share towels, underwear

16 Syphilis Caused by bacteria Transmitted by sexual contact Symptoms:
First stage: open sore (chancre), goes away without treatment 2nd Stage: very contagious rash, develops into sores Latent Stage: no symptoms, but disease can be passed on Late Stage: Tumors, damage to brain, heart, nervous system

17 Syphilis 1st Stage-Chancres 2nd Stage- rash

18 Syphilis Problems: Mental illness, crippling, heart disease, death.
Treatment: antibiotics Prevention: Abstinence, condoms

19 HIV infection and AIDS Caused by the HIV virus
Transmitted through sex, IV drug use, mother to baby, injecting contaminated blood Symptoms: no symptoms for several years, typical symptoms include fatigue, loss of appetite and weight, diarrhea, night sweats, fever. May alternate between periods of health and illness, then symptoms become more frequent and severe.

20 HIV Infection and AIDS Problems: No known cure for AIDS, all infected people will eventually die Treatment: Drugs that slow growth of HIV Prevention: Abstinence, use of latex gloves, condoms, never share needle injection equipment.

21 Trichomoniasis (yeast infection)
Caused by parasite (Fungus) Transmitted through sex, touching genitals Symptoms: no symptoms for most, itching, swelling, painful urination, yellow discharge Problems: irritation, more susceptible to other illnesses and STDs

22 Trichomoniasis (yeast infection)
Treatment: antifungal medications Prevention: Abstinence, condoms

23 Ways to Reduce Your Risk IF Sexually Active
Pre-relationship testing Know your partner’s sexual and drug history Talk openly about past & present risks CONSISTENT use of safer sex products

24 Testing Locations Public Health Clinics
Family Planning Clinics (Planned Parenthood) Private doctor or clinic Hospital emergency room

25 Methods of Transmission
All types of sex Skin to skin contact Close body contact Unwashed clothing Infected blood Infected body fluids Kissing Mutual Masturbation Mother to baby

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