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Sexually Transmitted Diseases Grouped by Bacteria's, Viruses, or Parasites.

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1 Sexually Transmitted Diseases Grouped by Bacteria's, Viruses, or Parasites

2 Bacterial STI’s Chlamydia Gonorrhea Syphilis Can be cured with Antibiotics

3 Chlamydia Symptom begin 7 to 21 days after infection  Most common bacterial STI among teens in WA State  Often has no symptoms  Possible symptoms include discharge, burning or pain while urinating  May cause PID which affects a women's fertility  Unusual bleeding from vagina  Pain in pelvic area

4 Gonorrhea Symptoms (begin 2-21 days after infections)  Most women & men show no symptoms  Discharge, Burning/Pain while urinating  Consequences  Can transmit to sexual partner  Damage reproductive organs,  Cause heart trouble, blindness, skin disease, arthritis  Passed from mother to childbirth

5 Syphilis Symptoms  1 st Stage: 1-12 weeks after infection  Bacterial infection causing painless, open sores on the mouth or genitals, which goes away after 1-5 weeks  2 nd Stage: 1-6 months after sore appears  Rash anywhere on the body, infection damages the nervous systems, causing brain damage and death if not treated  Can be passed from mother to fetus during pregnancy

6 Viral STD’s  Herpes  HPV – Genital Warts  Hepatitis (A, B, C)  HIV

7 Herpes Symptoms begin 2 to 30 days after infection  Common Viral STD marked by small, painful sores/blisters on mouth or genitals  Blisters can recur Consequences  Cannot be cured  Can be fatal to baby exposed during childbirth

8 HPV / Genital Warts Symptoms begin 1-6 months after infection Small bumps on penis or vagina  Increases risk for cervical cancer in women and throat cancer in men  Itching & burning around sex organs  Vaccine is now available

9 Hepatitis B A liver disease caused by a VIRUS carried in semen, saliva and blood  Symptoms may mimic the flu and can include:  Jaundice (yellowing of the skin and eyes) because liver is not functioning properly  Rash, hives, or arthritis may occur prior to the onset of other symptoms (during the early acute stage)  Loss of appetite, feeling ill, & extreme tiredness  Tenderness or pain in the lower abdomen  Headache & Fever

10 Parasites & Fungal Diseases  Trichomoniasis Trichomoniasis  Scabies Scabies  Pubic Lice (Crabs)

11 Scabies  These tiny “critters” (parasites) burrow under the skin in the pelvic region causing extreme itching.  Transmitted through skin-to-skin contact

12 Trichomoniasis Cause of vaginitis in women, while men with this infection can display symptoms of urethritis. 'Frothy', greenish vaginal discharge with a 'musty' malodorous smell is characteristic.vaginitisurethritis

13 Pubic Lice Burrow down along the hair follicle Signs and symptoms of pubic lice include itching in the genital area and visible nits (lice eggs) or crawling lice. Pubic lice usually spread through sexual contact

14 HIV/AIDS Transmitted (causes)with 4 bodily fluids: Semen Blood Breast Milk Vaginal Fluids

15 Prevention Don’t: Have unprotected Sex Share Needles Mothers shouldn’t breastfeed

16 If a Women with HIV is Pregnant  Things that she should do is get on a drug cocktail (AZT)  Most will have a C-Section

17 Symptoms  1st Stage: Flu-like symptoms that go away  Window Period: During this stage you test negative but you are infected 4 weeks to six months  Asymptomatic Period: Some people can be in this stage for up to 10 years They still appear healthy showing no symptoms, but they can transmit it to someone else.

18 When does HIV become AIDS  If their T Cell count falls below 200 that person is given an AIDS diagnosis  OR if they get an “Opportunistic Disease” Such as: Cervical Cancer, Dementia, Lymphoma, Recurrent Pneumonia, Wasting Syndrome etc.

19 Vocabulary of Disease Progression Causes:Conditions that trigger a disease – where it comes from Symptoms: What to look for or how you may know you have a disease Treatment: What is recommended to get rid of the disease Progression:What happens to someone who has the disease Outcome: Possible final result of the disease

20 Test over STD’s and HIV/AIDS Study journal and power point notes Next Class Period


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