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Sexually Transmitted Infections

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1 Sexually Transmitted Infections

2 Objectives Analyze the importance and benefits of abstinence
Identify symptoms and treatments of STD’s Explain how HIV affects and destroys the immune system

3 How well do you know the 63 people you had sex with last night?

4 STDs diseases/infections which are spread from person to person through: sexual intercourse oral-genital contact IV drug

Hugging Kissing Holding hands Dancing Sitting on toilets Sharing lip balm Massage

Sexual Intercourse vaginal oral Blood-to-blood contact Sharing needles Tattoo or body piercing Infected mother to her baby

7 Bacterial vs. Viral STI’s
Chlamydia, gonorrhea & syphilis treated/cured with antibiotics Untreated cause PID, infertility, & epididymitis Viral: genital warts, HIV, Herpes, NO cure treat symptoms only rest of one’s life

8 Chlamydia The most common STI
Greatest number of infections found in people 15 to 24 years old Caused by bacteria Sexual contact Discharge for penis and vagina Painful urination Can be treated with antibiotics Painful urination

9 GONORRHEA bacterial STI Sexual contact
Can affect the cervix, urethra, rectum, throat, and occasionally the eyes Can be treated with antibiotics Often NO symptoms, especially in females

a yellow or white discharge from the vagina May be a burning or pain when urinating Bleeding between periods Heavier and more painful periods MALE SYMPTOMS: Yellow or white drip/discharge from penis Burning or pain when urinating Swollen testicles


12 SYPHILIS caused by bacteria Direct/sexual contact
Sores - external genitalia, vagina, anus/rectum, lips and in the mouth

13 SYMPTOMS Stage 1 appear 10-90 days after contact.
sore - firm, round, small, and painless appears on genital areas sore lasts 1-5 weeks and heals on its own Females the sores are internal

14 SYMPTOMS 2nd stage lasts 3-6 weeks
skin rash – palms, hands, and soles of feet 3rd stage: damage the internal organs/bones 4th stage: death


16 Herpes Symptoms show 2-20 days after contact sexual contact - virus
infected for life – NO CURE SYMPTOMS painful/itchy blisters fever burning urination

17 Genital Warts Sexual contact Virus NO CURE

18 Symptoms Pink/reddish warts look like tiny cauliflower
itching, burning and some pain inside the vagina, on the cervix, or in the rectum or throat Interfere with waste elimination


20 Pubic Lice = Crabs Color/size of small freckles attack pubic areas
also under arms, eyelashes, moustaches Spread - direct physical contact SYMPTOMS: terrible, persisting itch in the genital areas


22 HIV There are two main ways you get AIDS: sexual contact
Sharing drug needles

23 HIV/AIDS Virus destroys the immune system
present in blood, semen, vaginal secretions & breast milk

24 HIV / AIDS – Signs & Symptoms
2 to 4 weeks after exposure experience mild flu-like symptoms then disappear Many people have NO symptoms until years after exposure The only way to know is to get TESTED!

25 Prevention Abstinence Know your partner Limit your partners
Visit your doctor Always look Keep clean! STD Hotline:

26 Remember: People who engage in premarital sex are nearly 50% more likely to divorce. 3 million teens contract an STD each year – some of which have no cure, are a leading cause of cervical cancer or can even lead to infertility.

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