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The Struggle for Power in England & France C13, S4 pp. 304 - 309.

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1 The Struggle for Power in England & France C13, S4 pp. 304 - 309

2 Objectives  Explain how the kingdom of England was formed  Identify the achievement of William the Conqueror & his successors  Describe how Parliament & common law affected political development in England  Explore how the French kings gained power over their nobles

3 Anglo-Saxon & Norman England  450 A.D. -Anglo-Saxon England – named for 2 Germanic tribes  Divided into shires- governmental districts  William the Conqueror- Took over England at battle of Hastings 1066 A.D.  Doomsday book- list of everyone’s name for taxes


5 Letter to the Editor  As we read the section on the Norman Conquest (305-306) and the handout, from the perspective of a commoner think about how you would evaluate the changes that William made to England

6 Henry II  1154-1189  Court system  Trial by Jury  no more boiling your hand  Clergy could be sentenced  Thomas Beckett- Archbishop killed for challenging Henry  Eleanor Aquitaine- French wife  Read description of Eleanor on page 306

7 King John & Magna Carta  King tried to make nobles pay taxes but, they refused  Forced to sign Magna Carta-1215 A.D. protected liberties of nobles & outlined rights for ordinary people

8 Magna Carta  We will read the section King John and the Magna Carta page 306-307 (Blue box on 307 also)  What are the similarities between it and the Bill of Rights?

9 Parliament & Common Law  Parliament –  nobles & clergy made up House of Lords  Knights & burgesses made up House of Commons  Common Law  collection of decisions that were applied equally & in common

10 Rise of the Capetian Kings in France  The growth of royal territory  Phillip II Augustus- 1180 A.D.- increased royal lands  Strengthening the central government  Phillip IV (the fair)- 1285 A.D.- began taxing clergy  Estates general- commoners, nobles and clergy

11 Look at the map on 308

12 Create your own map  Using the description of shifting power in England from 400’s-1100’s you need to create a series of maps showing the progression. You need to include the major shifts in boundaries with the Anglo- Saxons, the Danes, and the Normans.

13 The Clash over Germany & Italy C13, S5 pp. 310 - 313

14 Objectives  Describe how the Holy Roman emperors used their power  Explain how the struggle between the popes & emperors developed

15 The Holy Roman Empire  The struggle between church and state was bitter in the Holy Roman Empire. Ultimately the conflict weakened both…  Holy Roman Empire  Otto I “Otto the Great” helped the pope with Roman nobles and was crowned “Emperor of the Romans”  Empire eventually weakened, but established a close and lasting tie between Germany & Italy  Henry III – viewed the church as a branch of the imperial government  Expected the church to support the empire and its ruler

16 Struggles between the Papacy & European Rulers  Henry IV vs. Pope Gregory VII- issue of lay investiture (appointment of bishops by temporal rulers)  Henry IV was excommunicated, but sought mercy from the pope –revoked  Concordat of Worms – agreement that settled lay investiture dilemma VS

17 King vs. the Pope  We will read the section on the Struggles between the Papacy and European Rulers on 311  What does this show you about the relationship between the pope and the kings of the Holy Roman Empire

18 Struggles between the Papacy & European Rulers (cont)  Frederick Barbarossa – ruled Germany and attempted to gain control of Italy  Was defeated by the Lombard League in 1176

19 Struggles between the Papacy & European Rulers (cont)  Innocent III – strongest of medieval popes who increased the church’s worldly power  Felt that emperors and kings were servants to the church  Freely used excommunication and interdiction  Greatly increased papal authority and prestige

20 Chapter review  Understanding Main Ideas #1-12

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