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Royal Power Grows Section 8-1 pp. 244-249.

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1 Royal Power Grows Section 8-1 pp

2 Preview Questions How did monarchs gain power over nobles and the Church? What traditions of government developed under John and later English monarchs? How did strong monarchs succeed in unifying France?

3 Monarchs, Nobles, and the Church
Nobles and the Church each had their own land, taxes, and courts. Monarchs attempted to gain power by: Centralizing the government Gaining support from the middle class

4 Strong Monarchs in England
The Norman Conquest (1066) William of Normandy defeated Harold at the Battle of Hastings to become King of England Resulted in a blending of Anglo-Saxon and Norman cultures.

5 Strong Monarchs in England
Growth of Royal Power William made nobles swear loyalty to him above all other lords. The Domesday Book was a census used for tax purposes The royal treasury, called an exchequer, grew

6 Strong Monarchs in England
A Unified Legal System Henry II established common law Based on customs and royal court rulings Applied to all of England Undermined power of nobles and Church Used juries

7 Strong Monarchs in England
Conflict with the Church Archbishop Thomas Becket didn’t support Henry II’s attempt to try clergy in royal court Knights assassinated Becket, who was honored as a martyr Henry II eased attempts to regulate the clergy

8 Evolving Traditions of English Government
King John I Oppressive and cruel ruler Lost English lands to French King Phillip II Excommunicated by Pope Innocent III Magna Carta (1215) English nobles force John to sign this to affirm their rights Main Idea: No one, even the king, is above the law

9 Evolving Traditions of English Government
Development of Parliament England’s legislature Contains a House of Lords and a House of Commons Most important power = power to approve taxes

10 Successful Monarchs in France
The Capetians Hugh Capet was chosen as King of France in 987 He increased the power of the monarchy Hereditary rule Pitted nobles against each other Gained support of Church and middle class Established strong bureaucracy

11 Successful Monarchs in France
Philip Augustus Gave royal jobs to middle class members who were paid Expanded landholdings of the monarchy Louis IX Model ruler Made a saint

12 Successful Monarchs in France
Philip IV Clashed with Pope Boniface over taxing clergy Arrested the pope – he later died New pope was a Frenchman who moved the papacy to Avignon The Estates General Representative body from nobles, clergy, and townspeople Had less power than English Parliament

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