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World History Chapter 14C

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1 World History Chapter 14C
England and France Develop

2 England Alfred the Great ( ) and his successors united England (Land of the Angles) When Edward the Confessor died (1066) there was no direct heir to the throne William the Conqueror of Normandy will invade England William will defeat Harold Godwinson at the Battle of Hastings on October 14, 1066

3 Continued William will declare all of England as his personal property
He will have the Doomsday Book made in order to catalogue all of his property and then will create fiefs for 200 Norman knights Henry II will marry Eleanor of Aquitaine and will enlarge English holdings to include: England, Normandy, and Aquitaine

4 Goals of English Kings Hold and add on to their French lands
Strengthen their own power over the nobles and the Church

5 Henry II

6 Henry II and the Royal Courts
Royal judges were sent to every part of England at least once a year Courts collected taxes, settled lawsuits and punished crimes Introduced the use of the jury in English courts English court decisions formed a unified body of law that became known as common law

7 Continued Because of King John’s excessive taxation his subjects rebelled On June 15, 1215 they forced him to sign the Magna Carta (Great Charter)

8 King John

9 Magna Carta Nobles wanted to safeguard certain basic political rights
No taxation without representation A jury trial Protection of the law

10 Model Parliament Created due to Edward I’s excessive taxes
Model Parliament included nobles and commoners

11 France Capetian Dynasty Rules France
By the year 1000, France was divided into about 30 feudal territories In 987 Hugh Capet succeeded Louis the Sluggard The Capetian Dynasty of French Kings ruled France from Hugh and his son were weak rulers but had the advantage of time and geography on their side Their power spread outward from Paris

12 Hugh Capet

13 Continued lands came at the expense of King John of England
By the end of Philip’s reign, he had tripled the lands under his direct control For the first time, a French King became more powerful than his vassals Philip II (Philip Augustus) was one of the most powerful of the Capetian Kings His success in increasing France’s

14 Philip II (Philip Augustus)

15 Building a Strong Central Government
Establish royal officials called bailiffs Bailiffs presided over the King’s court and collected the king’s taxes

16 Louis IX Known as the ideal king Made a saint after his death
Created a French appeals court Appeals Courts strengthened the monarchy while weakening feudal ties

17 Louis IX

18 Philip IV Adds the Third Estate to the Estates General (Church leaders were known as the First Estate, Nobles were the Second Estate, and Commoners were the Third Estate) Estates General increased royal power against the nobility Estates General never became an independent force that limited the king’s power

19 Philip IV

20 TA14D Read Pages Copy & Define Terms on Page 403 Copy & Answer Questions 16, 17, & 18 on page 404

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