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Evaluation of my Media Studies Magazine Front Cover By Stefan Demosthenous.

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1 Evaluation of my Media Studies Magazine Front Cover By Stefan Demosthenous

2 Introduction This is the second part to my advertising part of my coursework, to promote my film. It is a film magazine, with my film as the main story of the piece. I produced the front cover by using the software Adobe Photoshop. By looking at other relevant film magazines, that have the similar target audience to that of mine. Which is the broadest range of people, ranging from about 12 years old and upwards. Some of the magazine I looked at were ‘Empire’ and ‘Total Film’.

3 Title I Sent out my questionnaire about the possible different names I could use for the title of my magazine, and from the feedback I gained the name that got the most votes was ‘Silver Screen’. So decided to use this name, with a font that I believed to look professional and to be suitable for a film magazine. I used the colour of a dark gold, as it stood out very effectively from the black, and have seen that colour used in a few professional magazines.

4 Cover Lines The cover lines I have chosen to talk about, are all about films within the media at this present time. For instance I have talked about ‘Hurt Locker’ the last film to win the most awards at the Oscars. It has had a lot of press in the last month or so. Also I have talked about two new realises just in the cinema, directed by very well established directors from recent time, Martin Scorsese and Tim Burton.

5 Positioning of my images Just like my poster my predominant image is of the witch, with the princess in a smaller image below and to the right side of the front cover. This gives the impression, that the witch is superior to the princess, and that she has control over the situation between them two. The princess is looking towards the witch with a far less then confident expression on her face, showing that she is scared of her, and that we are not suppose to trust her either. The positioning of my images, is very generic as it is central to the front cover, and the thing that catches your attention when glancing at it.

6 Colour Saturation I have tried to use the minimal amount of different colours as possible, so that the poster would look smoothly, and less dis-jointed in a way. So with all of the colours I have used, I replicated them in other areas of the magazine, to keep the poster looking and smooth. The images I have used as well, follow the colours I have used within my poster. By contrasting colours near each other, it makes what ever you are looking at stand out more, if the closest colour to it is in such contrast.

7 Text I have used three different types of text in my front cover, and one of them is being used just for the title of my film, in which the font has stayed constant the whole time through my coursework. I used the font of the title of my magazine front cover the greatest throughout this front cover, as continuity of font is key to many professional front covers. The size of the font is directly in proportion to the importance of what is being wrote, so the actresses in my film are smaller than the name of the film, but is big enough so that it has a key role in publicizing my film to the audience.

8 Essential parts to a film magazine front cover By looking at over film magazine I was able to distinguish what traits to a front cover are absolute essential, and they include: Website Name of magazine Date of issue Price Barcode If my poster was not to have this, then it would look far less legit, and not nearly as professional as it does. The location of these parts are also key to the authentic look of my poster, with them positioned in very popular places of many real film magazine front covers.

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