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Questionnaire Analysis. Aim and purpose. I created the questionnaire so that I could get an idea of what my audience would expect, gathering information.

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1 Questionnaire Analysis

2 Aim and purpose. I created the questionnaire so that I could get an idea of what my audience would expect, gathering information on their views and opinions. I gather a sample population of 21 people. The sample consists of candidates of both genders, from a range of ages and different employment statuses. The information gathered will be the source of what I will base my movie trailer, poster and magazine cover on.

3 My audience. I chose not to include too many people under the age of 17 as the age rating on the majority of thrillers are 15+, therefore I didn’t think that their results would be relevant, however I did include some as by the time I have made the trailer, they could be of age. I tried to keep the ratio od males to females as even as possible so that I didn’t get any one-sided results. When I asked them about their employment status, I gave them the option to select more than one if they needed. The reason for this is some people have a part time job and are in education at the same time. The results show that the majority of people I asked, will have some form of income, therefore allowing the to purchase the film/a viewing.

4 Distribution. Looking at the results on distribution, I can see that the most popular form of watching movies is in the cinema. When I create the movie trailer and poster, I am going include some way of telling my audience that they will be able to view the film in the cinema. 76% of the people I asked live in Harlow which means that it wont be a problem for them to access a cinema. Furthermore as most of my audience is from Harlow, I will aim my advertising in that area for it to be most effective. I don’t think it will be too hard for me to get people to watch the movie trailer as nearly all of then watch films regularly, however a small amount do not. One of the people I asked said that they only watch movies when travelling, therefore I will need to make the trailer, poster and magazine cover as attractive and eye catching as possible. Furthermore, to draw as many people towards the movie as possible, over 50% would want the film to be under £10. This is great as it will be more affordable, but on the other hand it means that there wouldn't as be much funding going into the production and the quality wouldn’t be as high.

5 Main task. For me to decide on which font to use, I gave the audience some examples. The most popular font was. Because they thought it was the best font to use in the genre, I will use it and hopefully this will cause more people to want to watch the trailer. I also asked them how they would want the plot to be or what the themes are. The most popular theme was for it to be jumpy, however I am also going to include an open ending which is the second highest choice. The Sixth Sense was the most popular film choice for a thriller. I am going to use the idea of having supernatural element in the film. I will incorporate this into the trailer by not showing the antagonist, but only the effects of it. Furthermore the second most popular film was se7en which is where a detective has to solve a series of murders. One of the major themes of this film is that they use characters and events that the audience can relate to with their own lives. Charlemagne std bold Favourite Thrillers

6 Magazine. I gave the audience 6 different magazine covers to choose from and the asked them why they chose it. Magazine 2 got the most votes and the most popular reason for choosing a magazine was the colours. I think they chose this as the background image is dark and mysterious whereas the front image consists of more royal gold and red colours. This could be representing a battle between two sides, good and evil, or showing their personalities, one empty and one pure/full. Furthermore layout was also a very popular choice so I will mainly focus on the colours and layout when creating the magazine cover. I will not ignore the model and text however they are not as important in the eyes of my audience.

7 Poster. The most popular poster was se7en and they chose this mainly because of the colours. The poster is mainly yellow however there are darker areas in the image, making the audience curious to what happens. The pose of the models was also a popular choice and I think they did this because of the two faces mirroring each other, where in the film the one on the left is said to represent people and the character on the right to be god. By them choosing se7en this could link to the popularity of the film, therefore the poster plays a huge role in the potential success of the film. Flight Plan was the second most popular choice however this has much brighter and more peaceful colours. This directly represents the nature of the film as se7en consists of murders and death whereas Flight Plan doesn’t.

8 Conclusion. Overall I have found out that my audience will be over the age of 15 and have some form of income. They will want the pricing to be under £10 and watch films regularly, therefore they will want to buy as many films per month, for as cheap as possible. They will want to view the film in a cinema they also like to stick to normal thriller themes and have some form of supernatural or historic sense. They also prefer images to be full of colour a strategically laid out. Saying this some of them chose for other elements such as pose and positioning of the models.

9 Proposal. I am going to create a product that is aimed at 15+, and price it under £10 as this was the highest preference. As most of my audience is located in Harlow, I will aim most of my advertising there, and not concentrate on the surrounding areas as much. I will use the font as it was the most popular to the audience. I will try to make the trailer as tense as possible, therefore it will be more surprising/jumpy. On both the magazine cover and poster, I will strongly use a range of brighter colours, and also focus on the model as they were the most popular reasons for liking a poster/magazine cover. Combining the two, I will need to analyse a wider range of posters that fit my genre. Charlemagne std bold

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