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By Tobi Bello. How did you use media technologies in the construction and research, planning and evaluation stages? I used media technologies in the construction.

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1 By Tobi Bello

2 How did you use media technologies in the construction and research, planning and evaluation stages? I used media technologies in the construction of my media final product, as I decided to do a lot of research on the chosen film genre for my trailer by going on websites like Wikipedia and Google. By looking at examples of film magazines and teenage romantic comedy posters on I was then able to come up with ideas and planning for my final product. There was three main task I had to complete which consisted of my film magazine, film poster and film trailer. I used Adobe Photoshop as the software for me to create my film magazine and film poster as I had used Microsoft Publisher in the past but felt Photoshop added more quality to my media products as well as giving it a more professional look. Also my group and I used Adobe Premiere for the construction of the film trailer it was a software we were all not familiar with but I managed to get a hand of it the more my group used the software.

3 Film Magazines

4 Generic Film Magazine Conventions Feature Articles Interviews Latest News Reviews of cinema, DVD and soundtrack releases Contents Page Advertisement Main Image Masthead Sell Lines Competition and Adverts Contents Page Feature Articles

5 Forms and Conventions(my film magazine) Model on the front cover is in the feature article therefore he is the main focus of the magazine. This conforms to the conventions of all mainstream magazines as they have the artist/actor/model on the front cover if the feature article is on them. Model looks into the camera, having direct contact with the intended target audience again conforming to a convention of film magazines. Conventional medium close up of the model Model imposing the master head this conventionally used by magazines. However model his smiling a little and this subverts codes of film magazines as they have models on front covers who do not show no facial expressions or emotions. A convention where it informs the reader what other features they are in the magazine. Competitions and prizes The master head bigger than every other text on the front cover and it is the most prominent and enticing font on the front cover which attracts readers. Barcode and price, also the issue and date of the magazine is stated towards the top as well as the banner follow conventions magazine front covers.

6 Film Posters

7 Forms and Conventions (my poster) The unique selling point of this film is that this is a teenage romantic comedy based in and around the urban areas of East London and having the main character being a black British male challenges the stereotypes of the traditional white American male in teenage romantic comedies. The poster tells the audience that this is a teenage romantic film by using red for the font colour, this gives connotations of love and intimacy. The title and tagline of the film tells us that this is a romantic film. Film is coming out on valentine’s day February 14 also tells us that this is a romantic film. Two shot of a boy and a girl, this may suggest a love story. The use of red to connote love. Characters names mentioned to show that they are the main characters of the film. Date of film mention at the bottom Background of the sky demonstrates the quote “Love is in the air.”

8 Film Trailers conventions Highlight the best bits of the film Showcase stars/ director of the film Often very fast paced depending on the genre, i.e. A trailer for a action movie will be fast paced as action movies are often upbeat and tends to give audience an adrenaline rush. One liners Dramatic camera angles. Action is interspersed with angles Voiceover (Narrator) Music Titles may not appear until the end Montage editing

9 Film Trailer The construction of the film trailer was done in a group. We decided as a group that we would create a teenage romantic comedy film trailer therefore each of us went to our own bit of research on the genre so we can have an idea of what was expected to be seen in the trailer. I done my research by going on websites like YouTube and and taking notes on the teenage romantic comedies I saw. When recording our scenes none of us had any real problems with the video camera, we took a number of shots and later chose which ones we would use in the trailer. In the post production stage we had to do editing in which we had problems with at first as we did not have any experience with the software we was using but began to get a hang on of it the more we used the software. Also we had to record a voiceover as this played a vital part of the trailer.

10 ...

11 Screenshots from the Film trailer

12 What have you learned from your audience feedback? The feedback I got back from the respondents was what I expected as I found out that what people expected to see in the film posters and film magazines was either a shot of the main character who is in love or a two shot of the potential new couple and in film trailers they expected to see two teenagers embarking on love with some elements of an affair with some comedy moments linked with it. Furthermore I found out that males are more reluctant to go see a teenage romantic comedy than females are. 99% of my respondents said that film trailers encourage people to go and see a film as the trailer is there to attract possible audiences.

13 Technical/Constructional Issues Having learnt how to use Adobe Photoshop during my time studying graphics at GCSE I had no problems in making my product on Photoshop. Doing my magazine and poster on photoshop made my products look professional. I used Adobe Premiere produce a film trailer it was a software I was not at all familiar with in fact it was the first time I have ever used the software. However I managed to get a hand of it the more I used the software. Getting our cast together at times was difficult as they all had other things to do but we managed use their time well and got what we needed from them. Getting the video camera at times was also difficult as it was given to us by the school and since there was limited cameras we had to return them so other groups could use them.

14 Institutions My film magazine will be distributed in the newsagents and big brand names such as WHSmith and Tesco. My poster can be seen in cinemas, billboards, newspapers such as the Metro and Lite, and could also be seen possibly in magazines. Film trailer can be see in cinemas, television and the internet through viral marketing.

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