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Masthead Stands out even though it has that translucent effect it still look powerful because it is in all capital letters. It is a unique masthead and.

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2 Masthead Stands out even though it has that translucent effect it still look powerful because it is in all capital letters. It is a unique masthead and continues at the bottom of the magazine in larger font and colour making the magazine stand out from the rest. This gives people and insight of what the magazine is all about and the fact that the word ‘Hard’ is used twice in the masthead and tagline, reflects on the type of genre it is. Image This image is very eye catching and attracts the target audience due to the hand gesture which is most known to my audience. Barcode The printed code used for recognition by a bar code scanner. Teasers These clues to the storyline create curiosity to the readers. Price Grabs attention as it’s right at the top next to the masthead. Cheap which encourages readers to purchase i t Tag Engages readers interests

3 From looking at both these magazines I have developed the forms and conventions to make it unique and different to my own magazine. I took the layout of the front cover of rock magazine and developed it. The position of the image is slightly similar to the image on my magazine. Both my image and rock magazine image are a mid shot view. I developed the positioning by putting it more to the left instead of the centre like the rock magazine leaving reasonable amount of space for the teasers in the right side. The Springsteen magazine influenced me as the artist is holding a guitar instead of my artist holding a guitar she is doing the rock sign. I wanted the hand sign to reflect on the genre just like the Springsteen magazine with the guitar

4 Image of the artist Second smaller image of my chosen artist. Page numbers of what’s in the magazine. In a large unique style to stand out The Content page In red to grab attention as it’s the only bright colour on the page. Main image Clear view of the artist

5 When making my content page I looked at various other content pages to give me an idea of what my hard rock life content page is going to look like. I then came across this content page an d I liked how it looked although the layout is pretty basic it is attractive and automatically grabs attention Therefore I used this layout how developed it and made it different. The image of my artist is slightly covering more than a half of the page. Instead of the black background and white writing in rock sound content page I decided to do the opposite which is in contrast with these colours. A white background with black writing made the image stand out more. The title ‘contents’ in red brought colour to the page. I chose red as it’s a very alarming colour, a great way to grab attention. I wanted my content page to be different from the rest therefore instead of the simple menu, I made the letters large and placed it as if to look like its slightly all over the place. By these developments I created a unique version of rock sound content page. Instead of the quote at the bottom of the page I decided to place a different picture of the artist.

6 Black background, for a dramatic effect. Quote A quote as a title gives a short insight of what the interview is going to be about. It’s effective as it grabs attention and gets readers wanting to read more. Image of the artist, dramatic effects in order to reach it’s purpose which is to grab attention and also reflect on the genre. The interview, the colours in red and white stand out. Competition to engage with the readers.

7 These two examples of double spread magazine helped me to make my double spread page. The layout Is simple however effective. In both double spread pages displayed above have their main image covering 50% of the page. This is where I got my idea from however my image is more of a close up view compared to the two examples above. I also adopted the idea of a quote as the title as it engages readers as well as linking to the following text. My colour scheme is similar to the double spread on the right however my one is more unique as it seems to appear more dark and gloomy due to the effects. This makes it more eye catching and reflects on the genre as dark colours associate with rock.

8 The social group my magazine is aimed at are teenagers at the age of 15-19year olds who are interested in the genre rock. I have represented people of that age in my magazine by the language I have used which are simple and not too complex words that adults would relate to. Also the main image also represents the age group as the artist is a teenager. Hard rock life magazine is mostly aimed at teenage girls hence the main artist is a female. Also the gossip and fashion tips are mostly what girls would find most interesting. My magazine is aimed at all classes, it is fairly cheap therefore anyone can buy it.

9  The type of media institution that might distribute my hard rock life magazine is future publisher. The reason for this is because future is the biggest guitar and music making publisher in the UK. They publish all different types of rock magazine which are unique and attracts attention and are successful. I believe that my magazine definitely fits future’s success criteria as it is different and stands out from the rest.

10  I addressed my audience by creating online surveys and questionnaires. These two methods are a great way for public awareness. Their quick and easy to find out what you need to know. Their also very cheap and flexible as you are able to order questions, or questions can be skipped together depending on the answer to a previous questio  I have attracted my target audience by the powerful images that are used and the colour scheme which give a powerful statement.

11  I have learnt a lot about technologies from the process of constructing a magazine. Such as learning how to take different camera shots. I had to get used to using the apple mac computers and learning how things work as it is different to other computers that I am most used to, and I was successful in getting the hang of it. During the process of making my magazine I spent most of the time on Photoshop I never knew how to use Photoshop but during this process I now know how to use Photoshop. I have learnt so much, I know how to edit pictures and the different effects you can use. I learnt how to make different layers, and use different font text and use different colours. Therefore the process in making this magazine has been a great opportunity as it has allowed me to learn many exciting things that I was not aware about.

12  From looking back at my preliminary task I can see how much I have progressed. I have learnt so much in terms of using Photoshop. As you can see from this picture to all my other edits during the process of making my magazine. I’ve learnt to create many effects such as adjusting the curves and so on. Placing other pictures on it, experimenting different fonts and colours. I have developed magnificently.

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