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Jobs in the media Supplements Total film Shaquille Paris Morgan.

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1 Jobs in the media Supplements Total film Shaquille Paris Morgan

2 About Total Film Genre - My chosen magazine is a film magazine. Its target audience is to film lovers of all ages, it gives you the latest information about the film which are currently in the making off, it also gives you film review from the publics which has seen the newest films out. They talk about the actors and how they copped with everything going on, on set and tells you what they liked and disliked when they were filming. Target Audience – The target audience for total film is film lovers, which may start from various ages, like 13+. They will buy this magazine because it is full of information about a certain film which is either due to release, or reviews about a film which has already come out! Most of the readers like to buy this magazine because its full of good information about the types of films which are being produced nowadays, there are also film posters in the magazine which they can take out and put on there bedroom walls. Price of Total Film magazine - The price for this magazine is £3.99 Layout and Typography – My chosen magazine, uses quite a lot of different typography. There are some pieces of text which are in different fonts and there are some which are just in bold. They uses a whole different range of layout for different pages, which I will be done within my booklet.

3 Proposal What I'm going to produce is a an 8 page booklet which has a 6 different types of job roles within the media industry. Within these job roles there will be a job description of the 6 different job, there will also be a starting salary which you would get from that job and also the job requirements, such as the education that you need. I'm going to have a basic while background, with black font which will stand out and grab the attention of the reader so that they will continue to read it. The text will be big enough for the reader to see, and the colour will also be quite dark so that it won’t strain the readers eyes as they read it. I will also have an image of the different jobs so it gives you a rough idea of what you might expect to be doing. These are the 6 jobs, I will be covering are: TV runners Audio technicians Camera operators Broadcast presenters Sound technician Broadcast journalist I have chosen these 6 because, they are the most popular roles people would like to do within the media industry.

4 Jobs roles within the media TV Runner- A television runner is someone who works on set to make sure that the actors/crew get to the location of the set or to the building to the studio they will be shooting in. They will also be looking after the scripts, carrying around cables and tidying up the set. Audio technician – the Audio Technician are responsible for operating and maintain audio equipment such as mic, testing them before they go on set as well. They will also make sure that all the audio clips which have been recorded are to the best high quality it can be. Camera operator – The camera operators main role is to make sure that all the camera are in the correct places for the shoots, making sure that they have set it up properly for the type of location they are in, and also making sure they have enough battery power and memory that they need, so that they will not have to keep stopping. Broadcast presenter – A broadcast Present is the face of the people, there main role is to give the general public information in a way which isn't boring and will keeps the audience entertain.

5 Biography Summary Steven Spielberg – Is an American film director which has directed many film over the years such as Jaws and Jurassic Park. These where his two biggest hits which he won many awards for. In 1994 he won the Blue Ribbon Award for the category Best Foreign Language Film, for the film Jaws. This is one of the main reasons why he is Hollywood's best known film directors. Plus also one of the wealthiest film makes in the whole world!

6 My roughs

7 Resources Pictures from Google images.

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