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Vibe title The colour of the title makes it stand out from the background and the picture so the reader immediately knows the magazine they are going.

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3 Vibe title The colour of the title makes it stand out from the background and the picture so the reader immediately knows the magazine they are going to read. Exclusive on set report This is trying to invite the reader to read the magazine as they know they will not be able to read or see this article anywhere else ‘I am rap’ This shows a short quote from his interview so the reader knows what the interview is about Picture Takes up most of the page so the reader knows that he is main subject of the magazine and he is the biggest thing in the magazine. Celebrating the best music in history Makes the reader want to read because it is the best music in history. 50 greatest songs Another main part about the interview that will make the reader want to buy the magazine. Colour scheme The blue, black and purple colours contrast well with each other and the background. The main stories or big headlines are in purple. Blue is for the title and other lesser headlines or parts of the magazine e.g. Quote ‘I am rap’


5 Mojo title Sticks out although you cannot make out the letter J so may not know the name. Colour blends well with the rest of the magazine and the image. Colour scheme The mix of white and grey work and contrast well with each other as well as sticking out from the image and the background. White shows all the big stories such as “The Beatles” and makes all of them stick out to the reader. Grey is for the sub-headings and is not as easily visible as to the white. Fonts The same font has been used throughout the whole front cover except from the writing before 101 and on the title. This makes these stick out more so that readers can see them and “The music magazine” straight away tells the reader what type of magazine it is. Main stories are also in bold so it sticks out straight away and draws the reader to the main attractions of the magazine. Images The main image shows the main headline of the magazine and shows the reader the centre of attention in the magazine. Also the reader is straight away drawn to the image so they know the subject of the magazine and a bit of the content. The other image is smaller because it is not as important but still sticks out more than some of the text. “Free Beatles CD” This is trying to entice the customer into buying the product because they know they will get something back if they buy it and this is a unique selling point. The album that shocked the world This is trying to make the reader buy the magazine so they know what the story is, they also do not say what album it is because they the reader has to buy it to know what album they are talking about. Revolt, revelation, revolver Gives away a lot of information without giving away so much so the reader knows the whole thing. This identifies to the reader what the article is going to be about.

6 Image Takes up most the page and is the main focus point of the page, this means that it is a big part of the magazine and the main reason to buy the magazine. This image also relates to the front cover which continues the theme she is the main thing to read about in this issue. “Contents” Big and bold to stand out so you immediately know what the page is. Spelt along 3 lines so it sticks out more.(used in every vibe contents page) List of contents All of the text is assigned along the right so the reader can easily read it and knows where to look straight away. There are a wide range of fonts for different things such as headings and Sub-headings. This helps the reader know what is in that bit.

7 Layout There is a very simple layout with pictures and images taking up nearly all the space at the top and text taking up most the space at the bottom. This is effective as the reader immediately knows what's in this spread and the big bold words show the type of interview it is. Images The main image shows a picture of Solange Knowles and this shows who the article is about and who the subject of the double page spread is. The background images help to show what she does and who she is. Fonts The fonts used are simple bold and pretty much the same font styles are used throughout the writing. The Blue text shows who the person is and sticks out immediately. The rest uses the same colour scheme and font. Contents The quote from the magazine entices the reader to look at the magazine and this gives a short piece of the magazine, this is usually a big or controversial quote to make the reader look at the whole article. It also shows the theme for the spread(types of questions asked).

8 Quote Quite sets theme and is lay out in a weird way with the font changing size throughout the who quote. Red makes it stick out. Layout There is a simple layout with the picture at the top in the middle and all the text going around it, this is very simple and easy to get around but does not look like a magazine more like a newspaper. The big red text next to the picture makes both of them stand out a lot more than any other text. Colour scheme is Red, green and black The green text is a main sub- heading and is basically telling a story of this persons life. Image shows the person who this article is about but you cannot tell who it is or what he does from this picture.

9 List of cities shows the ones that are well known for music. High angle shot makes him look big which basically says he is a big part of the magazine. Quote from the magazine to draw the reader in. Quote sticks out before you see the name of the person who has said it showing the person is not very big but what the person has said is either big or controversial Issue 193 shows its a successful magazine Mojo title sticks out so reader immediately knows the magazine Colour scheme makes it so the gold and the red picture stick out to make it more noticeable. The bold black writing shows the main title and the sub headings of the big stories that are in the magazine. Red suit makes him stand out even more.

10 Text size, font and colour of the title matches the double page spread. The font matches the dark background and the gothic look. The image suits the theme of a dark gothic place and the location and colours suit it perfectly. Layout Simple layout with a big title that sets the theme and the picture takes up most of the double page, the writing is aligned along the left and is easy to see and read. This gives a basic introduction of the artist and what the interview or article is going to be about and the theme of the text. Fonts and colours The same font and colours are used throughout this piece of text, the theme of black and white is used throughout as this goes along with the gothic theme and also matches the picture. The dark orange sort of colour shows half the title and little bits of information you should no if you don't know who this person is. The artist in the picture looks very relaxed and laid back. The background shows a church so this gives the impression that this person is a religious sort of person.

11 The genre of magazine I am going to be producing is going to be a hip hop/ R n B /rap sort of magazine and the reason I am going to be doing this is because it is my preferred type of music and I can relate to it more than any other genre such as rock. This will mean I will need to consider the colours I will use and the every other content on the magazine will need to be suitable to the Hip hop audience. Fonts, images and other conventions will need to be suitable sp therefore I will need to identify the main colours, styles of images and fonts by studying other existing hip hop magazines.

12 The age of the audience I will be trying to attract is anybody between the ages of 15-25, however I think my magazine will be more appealing to the male audience rather than the female audience. This is because the style and colours I would need to use in a Hip hop type magazine would be more appealing to men.

13 The purpose of my hip hop magazine will be to entertain and also to inform the audience, I will entertain by using a range of different trivia, fun stories and other things such as these. I will also inform them by giving out the latest stories on the big names of hip hop and how the records sales at doing at this point in time. This will make the magazine also appeal to a wider range of people.

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