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Floor Coverings. Floor coverings are materials that are used as the top surface of a floor. What are they?

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1 Floor Coverings

2 Floor coverings are materials that are used as the top surface of a floor. What are they?

3 Flooring materials include: Wood Tile Stone Brick Concrete Carpet Vinyl

4 Wood A popular flooring material. It has resilience and is durable, but can be scratched and dented.


6 The cost of wood flooring is moderate to high, depending on the type and quality of wood chosen. Cost

7 Hardwoods (oak, maple, beech, birch, hickory, mahogany, cherry and teak) are usually more expensive than softwoods (pine, fir, redwood, cedar and cypress). Oak is the most popular wood flooring.

8 Wood Floor Applications Strip – strips of wood joined together by tongue and groove joints to prevent gaps. Most durable applications. Plank – wider planks of wood laid with the grains all running in the same direction. Mosaic – narrow strips of wood glued down to form a pattern. A variety of woods and colors can be used.

9 Engineered Wood/Veneer An alternate to real wood. A layer of solid wood is glued on top of a layer of plywood. More durable than real wood. Can withstand moisture and scratch less. When damaged cannot be sanded and re-stained like real wood. Costs less than real wood.

10 Tile Flat piece of fired clay or natural stone. Comes in a variety of sizes, colors, finishes and patterns. Cool to the touch and is a good consideration for areas that have a warm climate. Can range in price from economical to very expensive. Due to the amount of labor involved installation can be quite expensive.

11 Types of tile: Ceramic Porcelain Natural stone

12 Ceramic Tile Fired clay coated with protective glaze. Durable Water and stain resistant High quality ceramic tile is harder and more durable than cheaper, lesser quality.

13 Porcelain Tile Highest quality ceramic tile made. Strong and durable and withstands freezing temperatures, so it can be used in outdoor applications. Porcelain tile has a very smooth, slick surface which should be considered if area is exposed to moisture. More expensive than regular ceramic tile.

14 Natural Stone Mined from the earth and used in its most natural form. One of the most expensive flooring choices. Can be used in natural free-form or cut into any geometric shape. Special tools and skilled installation required due to the hardness of the stone.

15 Types of natural stone Limestone: white, beige, gray can have fossils embedded. Travertine: Beiges, creams Marble: almost any color Granite: all colors, hardest natural stone Slate: gray, gold and greens

16 Polished natural stone creates a formal look. Rough stone has a rustic, informal look. Natural Stones

17 Concrete Traditionally used for entryways, patios, basements and garages. Concrete can have a smooth or textured finish. Can be tinted any color. Today concrete is very versatile and economical. It is used to achieve a variety of looks. It can be made to look like tile, stone and stamped to even look like wood flooring.

18 Brick Brick floors are durable and used mainly in informal settings. Bricks come in a variety of sizes, colors and textures and can be set to achieve a variety of patterns.

19 Flooring Picture Assignment  Find 4 pictures of Soft flooring Treatments (Rugs, Carpet, etc)  Find 4 Pictures of Hard Flooring Treatments (wood, Tile, stone, concrete, etc)  Mount on paper and label  Answer questions on hand out and attach to paper  Turn in today

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