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Cabinets -4- Countertops.

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1 Cabinets -4- Countertops

2 Countertops located above base cabinet provide surface for
work sink cooking tops Variety of materials ceramic tiles plastic laminates synthetic materials

3 Ceramic Tile Countertops
clay that has been “fired” glazed variety of shapes, sizes, & patterns features very scratch resistant very heat resistant stain resistant very durable brittle cost more than plastic laminate countertops

4 Sizes and Shapes of Ceramic Tile (The most popular size is 4 1/4” x 4 1/4”)

5 Ceramic Tile Application
Require a good sound base to work from 3/4” exterior grade plywood Has grout lines between tiles (hard to clean) Popular applications Thin bed Cement mortar bed Cementitious Backer Unit

6 Ceramic Tile Application
Thin bed detail epoxy mortar adheres to plywood and tile very inexpensive method drawback, does not last very long

7 Ceramic Tile Application
Cement mortar detail mortar bed on top of plywood longer lasting

8 Cement Mortar Layered steps 1 3/4” plywood 2 15 pound bldg paper
3 metal lath 4 metal edge 5 mortar bed 6 neat cement coat 7 ceramic tile 8 cement joint grout

9 Cementitious Backer Unit
Requirements cement backer board underlayment level plywood base (minimal shimming)

10 Plastic Laminate Countertops
PL = high pressured plastic laminate veneer material applied to plywood or particle board most common and cost is reasonable variety of finishes: gloss, satin, furniture, & textured, many colors for interior coordination features scratch & chip resistant heat resistant (short duration of low heat) stain resistant (somewhat)

11 Shapes and Edge Treatments
Fully formed top Self-Edge No-Drip Bullnose No-Drip Tilt Edge Rolled Edge Beveled Edge

12 Plastic Laminate Countertops
Fully Formed Top a counter top made with a continuous sheet of plastic, combining a no-drip bull-nose edge, integral cove, and waterfall back splash

13 Edge Treatments Self Edge No Drip Bullnose No Drip Tilt Edge
Rolled Edge

14 Plastic Laminate Countertops Corners/Edges Detail
Bevel edge counter top

15 Additional Materials in Countertops
Cultured Marble (Imitation) Synthetic Marble Corian Avonite Stone

16 Cultured Marble made of limestone & coat of polyester resin
materials resemble marble “integral” sink nonporous surface don’t use hard abrasives if resin becomes worn, poor appearance

17 Corian Countertops trade name of methyl methacrylate single material
similar in appearance to marble more consistent pattern nonporous surface scratch marks can be sanded out Wood-laminated Acrylic-laminated

18 Corian Countertops Edge Treatment
Apron return Cantilever reveal Routed edge

19 Avonite Countertops man-made material that simulates marble or stone-like products cuts almost like wood

20 Stone Countertops $120 to cut sink hole with polished edge
Soap Stone--$40/sq ft (soft & easy to scratch) Granite--$50/sq ft cut to fit $15 apron/linear ft, 3/4” thick in West, 1 1/4” East Travertine--$20/sq ft unfilled, $24/sq ft filled & polish edge detail 6$ linear foot polish & filled, 7/8” normal thickness (Bill Orchard--production Idaho Travertine) Marble--$40/sq ft cut to fit $15 apron/linear ft, lots of colors available

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