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Chapter 24 Finish Ceilings & Floors Interior the Venetian Hotel (Las Vegas)

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1 Chapter 24 Finish Ceilings & Floors Interior Ceiling @ the Venetian Hotel (Las Vegas)

2 Functions of Finish Ceilings Visual - color, texture, pattern, shape Control diffusion of: light sound Conceal MPE Accommodate: lights, diffusers, communication, sprinkler… May assist with fire resistance distribution / return of HVAC

3 Types of Ceilings Exposed Structural & MPE Tightly Attached Suspended Interstitial

4 Exposed Exposed Structure & MPE Industrial, warehouse, … Economy & ease of maintenance Timber, trusses, etc. Often for appearance Flat Plate, PC plank (HC) Painted - hotels & apartments Minimal MPE services in ceiling Economy and reduces story height

5 Exposed Structure Ceiling Joint Preparation for Sprayed on Textured Ceiling Textured Ceiling

6 Exposed Timber & MPE Services @ a Ski Lodge

7 Tightly Attached Attached directly to joists or slabs Special arrangements / accommodations for: Structural members (beams, girders) MPE systems

8 Suspended Ceilings Suspended from the Structure Generally by wires Materials: drywall, plaster, fibrous (acoustic) Structure Suspended Ceiling Drywall Plaster Acoustic (incombustible fibers) Support Wires Ceiling Plenum space for ducts, pipes, conduit... Support System Metal Framing Furring Channels Metal Grid

9 Suspended Plaster Ceiling (note the delamination of the finish coat)

10 Acoustic Lay-in Panels Exposed Metal Grid 2x2 or 2x4 Lay-in Panels MPE sized to fit grid or cut into the acoustic tile Economical

11 Acoustical Ceiling Grid Systems Main Runners Provide Main Ceiling Support Generally 4 o.c. Attached to Hangers Additional hangers may be required to support MPE loads Cross Tees Intermediate Support Rest/ attach to Mains Spacing depends on tile Difficult to access Wall Angle Attaches to wall

12 Diffuser sized 2x2 Recessed Grid (also can be Flush, …) Ceiling mounted - lights, sprinkler, smoke detector, communication Multiple Tile Finishes Available


14 Common Support Grid Profile

15 Suspended Ceiling used as a Fire Resistant Membrane The Integrity of the Fire Resistant Rating Must be Maintained at the Ceiling Penetrations Combination Light/Diffuser

16 Suspended Acoustic Ceiling with a Gypsum Fire Ceiling Above

17 Interstitial Ceilings Common with elaborate MPE systems Hospitals & laboratories Purpose: Accommodate extensive MPE systems Provide access for maintenance & updating services

18 Finish Flooring Functions & Considerations Functions: Visual Acoustics Light Wearing Surface Considerations Life / durability Skid resistance Sanitation Noise Fire (resistance, combustibility) Other (conductivity,..)

19 Under-floor Services Distribution of electrical /communications Methods Conduit Cellular Raceways Cellular Decking Raised Flooring

20 Under-floor Electrical Services Placed in the concrete slab

21 Reducing Noise Transmission Use of a Soft material Padded carpet Cushioned resilient flooring Resilient underlayment Selection of surrounding material Dense ceiling material below (plaster, drywall) Mount ceiling on resilient clips or spring hangers

22 Skid & Fire Resistance Skid Resistance Measure by its static coefficient of friction (SCOF) Skid resistance – desirable to minimize slipping Flame Resistance Most flooring required to meet minimum criteria Exit corridors typically have higher requirements

23 Hard Flooring Materials Resistant to: Wear Moisture Noisy -conduct sound Types Concrete, stone, brick, tile, terrazzo

24 Concrete Flooring Advantages Low initial cost Durable Common Uses Parking decks Warehouses Industrial

25 Exposed Concrete with a pattern & tinting

26 Stone Types Marble Granite Slate Sandstone, … Installation Setting Bed Grouted joints

27 Marble

28 Granite

29 Bricks & Brick Pavers Typically laid on face (but can be laid on edge) Often with a setting bed With Grouted Joints Without Grouted Joints

30 Paver Patterns

31 Quarry Tile Fired Clay tiles Multiple shapes/sizes Installation Setting Bed (typical) Thin Set Grout Joints

32 Ceramic Tile Fired Clay Often Glazed Finish Floors & Walls Multiple sizes & colors, smaller tiles shipped with backing sheets

33 Reinforced Mesh Bridge Cracks in Floor Laying Ceramic Tile

34 Applying Adhesive with a Notched Trowel

35 Spacers Being Installed

36 Tile Placement

37 Cutting Tile

38 Small tile shipped with backing sheet

39 Decorative Ceramic Tile

40 Terrazzo Ground/polished concrete Typ. granite or marble chips w/ colored cement Divider strips At changes in color/texture, expansion/contraction

41 Brass Divider Strips

42 Wood Flooring Materials white & red oak, pecan, maple, pine, …. Types Wood Strip Flooring - blind nailed Square edge - fasteners visible (or filled) Parquet Pre-finished or finished in-place (except parquet)

43 Blind Nailed Strip Flooring

44 Multiple Floor Finishes wood, tile, & carpet

45 Resilient Flooring Vinyl Composition Thin (1/8), rolls or tiles (VCT) Will show substrate irregularities Multiple colors & patterns Low cost, moderate durability Installation - glued


47 Carpet Multiple styles, colors, … Indoor and Outdoor Installation Glued directly to substrate, or Pad & tackless strip


49 Glued Carpet abutting Terrazzo Edge Strip

50 Sustainability in Floors and Ceilings Indoor air quality: problems often caused by finish materials and coatings ( glues, binders, fabrics, etc.) Mold & Mildew: can be a problem in carpets, wall coverings, & fabrics Vinyl common in finishes: manufacture of vinyl releases significant amounts of air pollution Recycling of interior materials in its infancy

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