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An overview e-enabled services in India Post 2.6.1.

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1 An overview e-enabled services in India Post 2.6.1

2 Introduction Services offered through central server based applications Some services are partially online others fully online Data is exchanged among offices participating Offices are connected on a wide area network through one of the connection methods for the purpose These services, apart from facilitating quick service afford traceability Since offices need to be centrally connected, connectivity itself is a challenge As data is exchanged between offices, great care to be taken to perform transactions as per the standard operating procedure 2.6.2

3 List of services Designed and maintained by India Post ePayment eMO Speednet RNet MO videsh Parcelnet Designed by NIC ePost iMO UPU product IFS Agency service Western Union Money transfer Moneygram 2.6.3

4 Applications designed by India Post 2.6.4

5 Common features Applications integrate with Meghdoot Each application has a dedicated communication module Communication modules connect to central server (CEPT Mysore) through WAN to exchange transaction data Data transfer is subject to certain conditions and has inbuilt security checks MIS follow up adds value through critical monitoring 2.6.5

6 Schematic diagram of Meghdoot POS link 2.6.6

7 Speed Post and Speednet 2.6.7

8 ▪ 89 Sorting Hubs and intra circle hubs in some circles ▪ Sorting hubs: Location and number arrived at through a comprehensive modelling ▪ Only Sorting Hubs to close bags for each other, only a few intra-Circle hubs allowed ▪ Booking interface not reduced ▪ Overall expedited processing, transit and delivery time, reduced sorting complexity (back-routing to a small fraction of mail notwithstanding) Speed Post – Operational network 2.6.8

9 Speed Post – Plan to optimise D+x 1TD = Town delivery 2.6.9

10 Speednet, deployed across speed post handling facilities – Booking PO, sorting hub and delivery PO Designed to collect articles from various sources, close bag and despatch, issue articles to beats and take returns and maintain accounts Communication module exchanges data with the central server of each of these events Provides tracking facility and MIS Speednet 2.6.10

11 Critical steps in Speed Net Operations 2.6.11

12 Helps collection of utility bills for a biller Billers can be at various levels – divisional, regional, circle, all India Transfers data electronically from booking Post Offices to office of payment Collection of bills through Point of Sale and payment to biller is through treasury module Data of bills collected passed on to central server subject to certain conditions MIS of all transactions available for monitoring; billers can also be given access to MIS site for extracting biller specific MIS A secure network is in place to ensure safe transmission of data and to immediately arrest attempts to manipulate RMFS and NPS transactions also handled ePayment 2.6.12

13 E Payment PO Using Meghdoot 7 for: eBill Payments eVPP www Node with ePayment Client Central Server Directorate User Circle User Region User Division User Biller creation & MIS Biller Post office of Payment ePayment network 2.6.13

14 eVP eVP system helps ecommerce by providing cash on delivery facility eVP billers are created by web administrators Booking offices accept eVP articles without VPMO form Article travels in the normal course to office of delivery Data travels electronically to office of delivery – if epayment office If delivery office is non epayment office data goes to HO concerned Delivery office issues articles to beat through Postman on arrival When Postman delivers the articles and return is taken and submit accounts done in Postman module, delivery data is transferred electronically to booking office Payment to biller is made through treasury module MIS is available on all details; tracking facility is also provided eVP workflow 2.6.14

15 eMO Network 2.6.15

16 eMO Essentially a mode of transmission – electronic through WAN for expeditious payment Secure channel Booking is done in Point of sale and payment through Postman module eMO application used to authorise and print eMOs and perform allied transactions eMO communication module (eMO client) exchanges data with central server Facilities like one-to-many and many-to-one are added features MIS reports of various categories for effective monitoring and tracking facility 2.6.16

17 RNet – Integrates registered/insured/VP letter mail transactions across Post Offices and Sorting offices – No separate application deployed in POs – Articles booked in Point of sale, despatch list generated thro’ despatch module, issued to beats for delivery in Postman module – In sorting offices, RNet application deployed to receive bag and content articles, include articles in bag for despatch and generate standard reports – Communication module working in PO and RMS offices exchanges article and bag data with central server – Facilitates tracking of registered letter mail for the customer – Provides transaction related MIS to management 2.6.17

18 Parcel Net – Integrates registered/insured/VP/Business & Express Parcel transactions across Post Offices and Sorting offices – In POs retail booking is done in Point of sale for regular parcel service(RP, IP,VP, Express Parcel) – Bulk booking of express parcels and business parcels is done through BNPL Parcel application – Dispatch module handles all these articles for onward transmission to the parcel hub. Message transmission is through an upgraded Rnet communication – Parcel hubs & express parcel hubs use Parcel Net application to handle these articles aided by an exclusive parcel net communication for transmission – Delivery is through the Postman module and payment on COD parcels is through the treasury module 2.6.18

19 Services through tie-ups 2.6.19

20 ePost 2.6.20

21 iMO Online money transfer that is safe, convenient and reliable A web based process provided through identified Post offices within Indian territory – technology provided by NIC Transfer is between two resident individuals Amount of remittance between 1000 to 50000 Amount can be disbursed within next minute 2.6.21

22 International money transfers Western union money transfer – IndiaPost works as agent to offer this service – Only inward personal remittances – max 12 remittances in a year; max per remittance USD 2500 Moneygram international remittance – Offered in partnership with Moneygram international inc USA through select POs – Only inward remittances for family maintenance and favouring foreign tourists 2.6.22

23 International money transfers – IFS – Inward remittance from UAE to designated POs in India – Through secure IFS channel – A single remittance should not exceed USD 2500 – Not more than 12 remittances to a single beneficiary in a year – Payments Upto Rs. 20000/- in cash through postman Above Rs. 20000/- upto Rs. 50000/- in cash at PO counter Above Rs. 50000/- in cheque at PO counter 2.6.23

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