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Despatch of Speed Post articles.

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1 Despatch of Speed Post articles

2 Collection of SP articles for despatch
Collection is from various sources SP articles booked at the counter BNPL articles presented by bulk mailers with this facility Bulk mailers Articles booked by collection agent

3 Collection of SP articles from BNPL customer
BNPL customers are registered with DO for availing credit facility These customers bring articles in bulk Booking of such articles is not done in Point of Sale These are directly received in Speednet There are three methods of collection of BNPL articles in speednet Collection of individual articles with data Collection of articles without data and data entry subsequently (quick process) Collection of articles with data in excel file (quick and convenient) These articles are sorted into TD and NTD and included in the respective bags Daily list given to customer Bill generated once in a month for previous month transaction Customer has to pay within 30 days Volume based discount admissible

4 Collection of SP articles from counter
Counter PA books the articles by scanning the article with the barcode affixed on it. The article booked are segregated into TD and NTD Operator fetches the data of the articles booked in POS to SpeedNet through Network When the articles are physically presented by counter PA, the same is checked with data uploaded in SpeedNet

5 Despatch of Speed Post Articles
There are 2 types of Sorting Hubs National Sorting Hub (NSH) Nomenclature of National Sorting Hub is NSH XXX Ex : NSH Mysore, NSH Bhopal Intra-Circle Hub (ICH) Nomenclature of Intra-Circle Hub is ICH XXX Ex : ICH Bikaner

6 Despatch of Speed Post Articles
Post offices will be mapped to the National Sorting Hub. Pos will close TD and NTD bags to their parent NSH Some POs will be mapped to both National Sorting hub and Intra circle hub These Pos will close a bag to the intra circle hub in addition to the TD and NTD bag to the parent NSH. All the articles deliverable under parent NSH jurisdiction are TD article and articles addressed to places outside the jurisdiction of their parent NSH are NTD articles.

7 Speed Post MNOP

8 Speed Net Speednet, deployed across speed post handling facilities – Booking PO, sorting hub and delivery PO Designed to collect articles from various sources, close bag and despatch, issue articles to beats and take returns and maintain accounts Communication module exchanges data with the central server of each of these events Provides tracking facility and MIS

9 Speed Abstract Speed Abstract is a document maintained to keep account of Speed post articles including Insured speed post articles booked and despatched Prepared through Speed Net Module Checked and signed by Supervisor

10 Collection of Speed Post Articles

11 Collection through Network - POS

12 Circle wise allocation of Barcode
For Speed Bags SL Name of the Circle Bar code allotted 1 A.P. EBN 2 Assam EBS 3 APS EBE 4 Bihar EBF 5 Chhattisgarh EBC 6 Delhi EBD 7 Gujarat EBG 8 Haryana EBH 9 Himachal Pradesh EBE 10 Jammu & Kashmir EBE 11 Jharkhand EBJ

13 Circle wise allocation of Barcode
For Speed Bags SL Name of the Circle Bar code allotted 12 Karnataka EBK 13 Kerala EBL 14 Maharashtra EBM 15 Madhya Pradesh EBI 16 North East EBE 17 Orissa EBO 18 Punjab EBP 19 Rajasthan EBR 20 Tamil Nadu EBT 21 Uttarakhand EBV 22 Uttar Pradesh EBU 23 West Bengal EBW


15 Closing of Speed Bag

16 Closing of Speed Bag Scan Articles

17 Scanning Bag Barcode

18 Speed Post Manifest

19 Despatch (generation of mail list)
Use the menu Issue – Despatch of bags

20 Final tasks On generating mail list , the same has to be printed and TD & NTD bags despatched to NSH/ICH If BNPL articles are accepted detailed data entry has to be done Flush data option should be used Operator should do shift end after printing all reports Supervisor (SPM) should do shift end

21 Demo & Exercise Demo & Exercise on Despatch of Speed Articles

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