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Money order.

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1 Money order

2 Money order - definition
An order issued by one post office to another for payment of a sum of money through the agency of the post office

3 Types of money order 1 Ordinary money order & e-MO Rs. 1/- Rs. 5000/-
S. NO TYPES Minimum Maximum 1 Ordinary money order & e-MO Rs. 1/- Rs. 5000/- 2 Service money order NO LIMIT 3 Value payable money order 4 Foreign money order NEPAL BHUTAN Rs. 2000/- Rs /- 5 Family allotment Money order 6 Instant Money Order Rs. 1000/- Rs. 50,000/- 7 MO Videsh 100 USD 5000 USD

4 Ordinary money order MO whose value is Rs. 400/- and above is called High Value MO Sent in Registered bag Remitter fills up form no. MO-8 Commission- Rupee 1/- for every Rs. 20/- or part Note- No commission on MOs booked for National Defence Fund & Prime Minister’s Relief Fund

5 Service money order Used by DOP to make remittance of dues to its employees and customers No commission is charged on service MO

6 Value payable money order
A special type of MO to be attached with VP article by sender Sender receives amount of his article through VPMO booked by the Delivery office Commission at the rate of Ordinary MO is charged from the addressee of VP article A special form (MO-51) is used

7 Foreign money order MOs booked in India for Nepal & Bhutan
eMO transmission available for money orders for Bhutan

8 Family allotment MO MOs booked by Defence personnel to their families
Commission- 6% of total amount Postmaster receives the payment of MO & credits the amount in Saving account of the family member

9 Checks on MOs for booking
Counter PA to see that:-  Proper Form used (MO-8)  Filled in ink or ball point pen  Amount in words and figures without correction  Amount within the limit  Name and address clear and complete  Signature of remitter or agent with date  Name and address in ackt portion  Not payable to fictitious or indefinite address  Not payable to more than one person and not addressed to c/o postbox

10 Practice Exercise

11 Booking MO in Point of sale
Booking transaction form is accessed through the menu as shown in figure below

12 MO booking transaction form

13 Official entries on MO form
Made after booking of MO Done in red ink; Following particulars are entered M O Number  Date Amount – in words and figures  PA’s Signature  Supervisor’s Signature  For HVMOs –  Indicate “HVMO” on the top  M O Number and date on the top  Name stamp  MO No & Date of booking to be noted in Ackt portion also in all MOs A bundle with ordinary MOs to be handed over to despatch module operator HVMOs to be separately handed over to despatch module operator for generation of HVMO list

14 Specimen MO after booking

15 MO issue list On close of the counter, Point of sale PA settles the account with treasurer and performs shift end After shift end, he/she can print reports List of MOs issued is generated using the menu ‘Reports – Detailed’

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