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Despatch of Accountable Articles – letter mail 2.6.1.

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1 Despatch of Accountable Articles – letter mail 2.6.1

2 Types of Accountable articles Registered letters/Parcels VP Letters/ Parcels /eVP Insured Letters/ Parcels Ins VP Letters/Parcels Money Orders Speed Post Letters/EPP 2.6.2

3 Despatch list generation Meghdoot despatch module used to perform the task Operator collects articles from various sources Upon collection he/she performs the following tasks – Auto sorts the article according to pre-defined pattern; This process generates RB/IB lists and includes articles in TD/NTD lists based on Pincode – Closes RB/IB; Generates HVMO list – Closes Registered bag, parcel bag – Despatches the registered bag RNet communication module that works in the background exchanges data with central server 2.6.3

4 Collection of Registered Letters Registered letters are collected through different sources From counter From Branch Offices attached From Postman(refused/unclaimed) Articles to be redirected Booked through special regd journal HVMO for despatch 2.6.4

5 Collection in despatch module 2.6.5

6 Sorting of Collected Reg. Articles Sort the articles as per the concept – Registered bundle – Insured bundle – Articles to sorting office (TD & NTD) 2.6.6

7 Auto sorting process 2.6.7

8 Preparation of RB Bundle To eliminate multiple handling at intermediary offices. Bundle will be opened at office of delivery only – If there are three or more uninsured registered articles including Value Payable for same office of destination Registered bundle (RB) is to be prepared. – Prepare RB slip, impress date stamp on it, place on the articles bundle, tie securely and seal. Generate RB List in the Despatch Module affixing bundle bar code 2.6.8

9 Closing RB in despatch module 2.6.9

10 Register Bundle Report

11 Despatch Module RB List

12 Collect and arrange the articles in the following order separately for TD & NTD – Ordinary Registered, – Value Payable, – Registered bundle – Insured Envelopes, – Insured Bundles, – Money Order bundle – High value Money order bundle PREPARATION OF REGISTERED LIST

13 Registered List is generated through Despatch Module Registered List addressed to parent Mail Office Impress date stamp and PA will put his initial Postmaster will also sign if Insured articles are invoiced PREPARATION OF REGISTERED LIST

14 separate TD & NTD master Registered lists are to be prepared. One TD registered list containing RL/VP/RB/INS Env/IB/ addressed to all the offices within the Parent mail office Another NTD registered list containing RL/VP/RB/INS Env/IB/ addressed to all the offices outside Parent mail office jurisdiction PREPARATION OF REGISTERED LIST

15 Closing regd bag in despatch module


17 Despatch Module REGISTERED LIST

18 Generating despatch list Once the registered bag is closed, despatch list has to be generated in despatch module; Despatch list generation screen is as in figure below

19 After preparation of registered list inclusive of RB and IB list, Registration Postal Assistant will close registered bag 1. Take a good canvas bag. 2. Prepare bag label (Tag label addressed to destination office) 3. Prepare separately for TD/NTD bag Closing of Registered Bag

20 3. Arrange all articles as entered regd List and show to the Postmaster/Supervisor 4. Close the bag in the presence of postmaster If insured articles are invoiced in the Regd List for dispatch, 5. PA will close the bag independently if no insured articles are invoiced in the list for despatch 6. Affix Rnet Bag bar code 7. Hand over the Regd.bag to Sorting PA for inclusion in Mail bag for linked Sorting Office taking his signature in the registered abstract for the day Closing of Registered Bag

21 REGISTERED ABSTRACT(RP33) It is a register maintained by the registration Postal Assistant daily It is divided into two parts RECEIPT and ISSUE. It is generated in despatch module

22 REGISTERED ABSTRACT AT PO Entries on Receipt side – Articles received with each regd list – RLs received from BO – RLs posted in the office – RLs returned by Postmen – RLs returned by BOs – RLs in deposit previous day – VPLs taken from VP register for redirection – Total number of RBs and IBs made up PPT

23 REGISTERED ABSTRACT AT PO Issue side – Articles dispatched with each registered list – RLs sent to BO – RLs issued to Postmen – Issued through Special Delivery List – RLs delivered at window – RLs remaining in deposit – VPLs transferred to VP register – Total number of RBs & IBs opened

24 RBs and IBs made up appear on receipt side RBs and IBs opened appear on the issue side Abstract to be tallied (Both sides) Both PA and SPM to sign Number of acknowledgement posted to be noted at the bottom Acquittance of Treasurer to be obtained for having transferred Insured articles to him for overnight custody REGISTERED ABSTRACT AT PO

25 Registered Abstract Report

26 Despatch Module Reg Abstract

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