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The Scramble for Africa

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1 The Scramble for Africa
Chapter 11.3

2 February 23, 2015 Bellringer True or False??
The United States occupied Egypt in 1882 to protect its interests and maintain the security of the Suez Canal. Write your responses in your notebooks along with this question!!

3 Belgian Congo Leopold II – The king of Belgium who claimed territory for himself. Created a personal fortune by exploiting the Congo’s natural resources Forced Congolese subjects to extract rubber Millions of workers died from overwork and disease

4 The Zulu In the early 1800s, their leader Shaka built a strong Zulu kingdom 1879 – British invade Zulu territory Cetshwayo – Shaka’s nephew, wins a major victory against the British British defeat the Zulu Annex their kingdom as a colony

5 Ethiopia Only African nation to retain their independence
Menelik II – modernized and established a modern army Ethiopian forces led by Menelik II defeated the Italians at the Battle of Adwa (1896)

6 French West Africa Samory Touré – Malinke leader, fought the French for 15 years, declares himself king of Guinea 1898 French capture Touré and ends all resistance in West Africa

7 German East Africa Africans call on their gods for spiritual guidance
To combat Germans, Africans sprinkle majic water on them – “maji” to protect them from bullets Maji Maji Rebellion quickly put down and Germans kill tens of thousands

8 Homework Section 3 Assessment Page 362, 1-4 Quiz on Thursday Complete question four! Do not leave it blank. You can do it!!!

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