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The Scramble for Africa By: Taylor, Teresa, Alexander, and Daryn.

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1 The Scramble for Africa By: Taylor, Teresa, Alexander, and Daryn

2 Vocabulary words Social Darwinism – Certain races are more fit to lead. Discrimination – Treating someone different because race, gender, or origin. Suez Canal – A Canal that linked the Mediterranean with the red sea. Berlin Conference – The meeting that decided that new African countries had to notify European leaders. Cecil Rhodes – He said that his race was the best possible choice for controlling the world. Leopold II – King of Belgium that claimed the Congo Free State for himself. Shaka – Built a strong Zulu Kingdom Menelik II – Ethiopian emperor that managed to keep his country by winning against European Armies with his modern army.

3 Who was imperialized? All African countries except for Liberia and Ethiopia.

4 Who is doing it? European countries during the 1880-????

5 What advantages is it bringing them? They gave them telegraphs, railroads, steamships, and modern weapons.

6 Who gained Control?! § The British won the Bore war. § Zulu won a major victory, but the British defeated the Zulus and annexed their kingdom as a colony. § Toure fought the French for 15 years and proclaimed himself king of Guined. § In 1898 the French captured toure and defeated his colony. § Germany won Maji Maji rebellion.

7 What Tactics Did They Use? § Travel in Africa was very dangerous and difficult. They discovered the drug quinine, which was used to protect them from one of the most dangerous diseases in Africa, Malaria. § The invention of the automatic machine gun also was helpful during imperialism in Africa. It created a strong military advantage and enabled them to defeat and subdue African peoples who had no modern weapons. § The invention of the telegraph, railroad, and steamships helped with communication and travel. § The Suez Canal was a water way that connected the Mediterranean Sea with the Red Sea. This canal dramatically shortened the trip from Europe to the Indian Ocean and eliminated the amount of ships that have to sail around the southern tip of Africa.

8 Revolts and Rebellions §The Start: European leaders divided Africa without paying attention to the Africans’ traditional ethnic boundaries. This would later cause conflict.

9 The Boer War § Dutch settlers, known as Boers, lived in Southern Africa. The British invaded when gold was discovered. The Boers refused to grant political rights to foreigners and war broke out in 1899. The Boers were out numbered, but they used Guerilla attacks and took control. The British destroyed farms and imprisoned women and children in Concentration Camps. 20,000 women and children died of disease. The British later won the war. The Boer territory became the self governing Union of South Africa.

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