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2011 UCLA Alumni Association Leaders Conference October 22, 2011 Mind Your P’s, C’s and V’s A Marketing Recipe for Success.

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1 2011 UCLA Alumni Association Leaders Conference October 22, 2011 Mind Your P’s, C’s and V’s A Marketing Recipe for Success

2 Presentation Overview The power of your brand The importance of communication Know your audience Takeaways

3 The Power of Your Brand A brand is more than a logo and name, it is the emotion evoked when thinking of the brand A weak brand results in limited engagement, less connection Alumni engagement is related to trust in, and understanding of, the UCLA brand

4 Knowing Your Brand Who you are Who needs to know How will they find out? Why should they care? Marketing can begin once you know:

5 What is Communication? com·mu·ni·ca·tion: Transactional process where information is shared through the assignment of meaning Transaction: Mutual influence Process: Ongoing and directional Assignment of meaning: What does your brand stand for?

6 How Do You Talk About Yourself? The most powerful marketing is peer-to-peer. How Do Others Talk About You? Do You Know?


8 Your Target Audience Who are they? What are their needs? What is their focus? Where do they live? Are they members? Your answers are in the data!

9 Generational Traits MillennialsGen XersBaby BoomersTraditionalists 1980-20011965-19791946-19641925-1945 92 million62 million78.3 million38.6 million EntitledSelf-reliantWorkaholicPatriotic OptimisticAdaptableIdealisticDependable Civic-mindedCynicalCompetitiveConformist Close parental involvement Distrusts authorityLoyalRespects authority Values work-life balance ResourcefulMaterialisticRigid ImpatientEntrepreneurialSeeks personal fulfillment Financially conservative Technology Savvy Values titlesSolid work ethic Multitasking Team oriented (Alsop, Ron. THE TROPHY KIDS GROW UP: how the millennial generation is shaking up the workplace, 2008)

10 UCLA Alumni Segmentation Matrix

11 What Alumni Want Career networking Bruin marketplace Bruin Professionals and Bruin Professionals resource directory Job board, job mentor and job preparation Discounted rates for career counseling Non-local services Easy access to events Group discounts and discounts on upcoming events Library Access 678 alumni respondents – 7% response rate

12 Marketing in a Changing World Since the World Wide Web (actively began in 1995) Smart phones Multiple channels (email, blogs, social media, etc.) High-tech, high-touch Data-driven research capabilities Utilize the technology available! We must be willing and able to change in order to stay relevant.

13 Evolution of Marketing Theory Product: products and services offered Price: Financial cost to target audience Place: Physical, brick and mortar location Promotion: One-way marketing strategy The Four P’s

14 Evolution of Marketing Theory Content: the ongoing development of engaging content Cost: audiences’ considerations of time, effort, finances, loss or gain of buying or engaging Connection: emotional and behavioral connection with your target audience Conversion: converting the target audience to an engaged constituency The Four C’s

15 Evolution of Marketing Theory Validity: is it desired, does it matter? Value: understanding what is important to target audience Venue: no longer just physical location, but any point of contact (i.e., Internet) Vogue: messages are not only communicated well, but they must be well accepted by the target audience The Four V’s

16 Evolution of Marketing Theory

17 Four P’s Marketing targeted Price: 7-Eleven advertises the price of a cup of coffee. Four C’s Marketing targeted Cost: McDonalds markets the time and effort saved by buying coffee in the drive-thru Four V’s Marketing targets Value: Starbucks leverages the value of a coffee-shop lifestyle For Coffee Drinkers

18 Evolution of Marketing Theory

19 Four P’s Marketing focused on Promotion: American Airlines promotes their brand to the largest possible audience Four C’s Marketing targeted Conversion: JetBlue engages customers, leverages brand, and inspires loyalty among customers Four V’s Marketing targets Vogue: Virgin America goes mocial with modern, innovative ways to create a community of “brand evangelists” For Frequent Fliers


21 Takeaways T h e goal of marketing has not changed, but the formula for success, the mix, the recipe has changed drastically How do we now accomplish our goals? Use multiple channels (not only email Peer-to-peer marketing is most effective Messages should be simple and clear Address the WIIFM factor What’s in it for me? Go “mocial” – simplify for greatest impact 25% of mobile phone users in U.S. now own smart phones Build brand trust

22 Takeaways Online Engagement Tips The details must be obvious and easily scanned Use short sentences and bullet points to highlight “who, what, when, where, why and how” Always include a response mechanism Use logos and network name to brand your pages

23 Takeaways It’s all about… P assion C onnections V alued Relationships UCLA!

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