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2 PROFILE Business Day offers outsourcing services in sales. We have extensive experience and expertise in the key to any business and can offer you flexible options for developing your sales targets. Our activities cover all processes in this area - from research and development of the particular business, trough the communication with potential customers to the process of realization of sale.

3 ACTIVITIES Management of the commercial contacts Customer Service Outbound telemarketing campaigns Outbound sales campaigns for the organization of meetings with potential clients Implementation of business meetings and negotiations Email Marketing Online marketing surveys and polls

4 TECHNOLOGY We use technologies which are reliable and cover the needs of our customer service: Web based CRM software that allows optimal realization of different types of projects. ▪ CRM SOFTWARE – for management of customer relationship and commercial contacts

5 WHAT WE OFFER To increase your income from sales. To increase the number of customers and to build long term partnerships with them. We can increase the number of your customers as we identify and convert your potential clients in your regular We will provide you with access to ongoing processes during the marketing campaigns and their performance statistics. We will achieve results that exceed your expectations!

6 SERVICES Outbound telemarketing campaigns to analyse the potential markets to organise the business meetings to satisfy the current customers to lead to recognition of the brand We can contribute to the realisation of your trade goals by understanding customer needs, combined with knowledge of market mechanisms and processes. To implement campaigns we will utilize multi-channel advanced technological solutions.

7 SERVICES Outbound campaigns for meetings - Campaigns to identify potential corporate customers, causing initial interest and arrangements of business meetings with the sales department of potential customers. We can save your team the time for research by identifying and preparing your target clients and formulate expectations in them and convince them a promising meeting with your representative. We segment and target your potential customers on different criteria, we can help you choose the right approach to communicate with them consistent with the needs of your business.

8 SERVICES Activities after the sales Campaigns to keep customers Establishing contacts and offering preferential conditions for renewal or extension of contract relations Reminder for due payments Sales of additional new products to and existing customers Notification of the current / potential customers and partners for occurring and upcoming events

9 SERVICES EMAIL MARKETING In combination with other approaches and communication channels we offer and implement email marketing campaigns that are proved the most effective element of communication mix, and these can accumulate valuable marketing information on the expectations and the consumer preferences. We can offer and implement periodic newsletters, bulletins, promotional messages to individual solutions for the design and content. We organize mailing lists with contacts, including information processing and performance statistics of the campaign.

10 SERVICES MARKET RESEARCH AND SURVEYS The short online surveys and questionnaires are alternative to procure useful information about specific marketing product or campaign of a present audience, and reaching new customers. to understand how your customers think and what they expect to improve the way of perceiving your products and services. to measure the popularity of your brand. We offer assistance in the preparation and implementation of marketing campaigns to ensure receiving the specific information that you need for your business.

11 OPPORTUNITIES Opportunities to establish business contacts Organizing and conducting meetings with you and negotiations to conclude deal. Identifying groups of potential customers and contacts with their representatives, in conjunction with our sales skills and customer approach. Making campaigns of consumer survey behavior through specialized software. Consulting and strategic planning of advertising activities on the Internet and other media. For our services it is necessary to meet in detail with your business and purposes - products and services that are the subject of service and supply to your potential clients.

12 INDUSTRIES Customer Service for Unique Industry Requirements Business Day has focused on implementing customer service campaigns commercial and public sector organizations. Customer Experience Management is our only line of business, and we do it well – taking time to understand industry trends and best practices. When it comes to Customer Experience Management, Business Day solutions work because they are time-tested and refined to meet specific business requirements by industry. Learn more about some of the industries where our most successful customers use Business Day to enable positive customer experiences: - See more at:

13 CONTACTS Contact us for a customized package of services and specific offer: phone.: +359 2 4234 220 mobile: +359 887 192 220 e-mail:

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