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Lecture 8: Recruitment Instructor: Shawn Komar, PhD Office: P2022 Office Hours: Mon & Wed, 2:30-3:30

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1 Lecture 8: Recruitment Instructor: Shawn Komar, PhD Office: P2022 Office Hours: Mon & Wed, 2:30-3:30 Email:

2 Recruitment Finding and attracting capable applicants to apply for employment Closely related to selection, but distinct Recruitment concerns building the applicant pool Selection concerns hiring those applicants that make the cut

3 Recruitment is: Vital and fundamental for HR “War for talent”  competitive advantage Strategic objectives Recruiting specific competencies HR objectives Diversity initiatives A 130 billion dollar industry

4 Marketing Mix Product Good or service Fills consumer need or want Price Meet the firm’s profit objectives and buyer’s purchasing objectives Promotion Techniques for communicating information about products Place Getting products from producer to buyer (transportation / sales outlets)

5 Recruitment Mix Product Open position within the company Features? Value Package? Price Compensation e.g., Competitive salary Promotion Advertising open positions Strategy (informative, persuasive, etc.), Media (internet, word of mouth) Place Where does one apply for the job? Where is the job?

6 Branding Employer Branding involves three steps: Step 1 - define the target audience, where to find them, and what they want from an employer Step 2 - develop the employee value proposition - the specific reasons why the organization is a unique place to work and a more attractive employer for the target audience compared to other organizations Step 3 - communicate the brand by incorporating the value proposition into all recruitment efforts

7 HR Branding – “Media Channels” Company website Job ads Word of mouth Top employer awards This is in addition to any “brand” information communicated by the company through their non-HR operations

8 Job Ad example CIBC focuses on what matters to our employees - access to career and development opportunities, safe and healthy workplaces, effective training, and positive work-life balance - so that employees are able to perform at their best, contribute to their communities and focus on cultivating deeper relationships with our clients. Every year, CIBC is recognized for its business success, community commitment and employee initiatives. We are proud of this success and are committed to creating an inclusive workplace and an environment where all employees can excel.

9 Branding Cultivating an image or impression of an employer Communicates benefits of being employed by the organization Organizational attractiveness Branding works both ways – Personal branding! Build trust by communicating integrity and benevolence

10 Sourcing Where potential applicants come from Internal (current employees) External (employees from outside of the organization) Great sourcing saves time Filtered groups You have to know where to find the employees you’re looking for

11 Employee Referrals Fantastic source of applicants! Benefits: Current employees know where to find colleagues Referred employees already know about the company Referred employees are often similar to current employees (Like attracts like) Drawbacks: Complicates selection and performance management Can maintain demographic features of the workforce

12 Encouraging Referrals Let current employees know about openings Offer an incentive for a successful referral e.g., $500 if the employee stays 3 months


14 Recruiting Online Job Boards High volume Importance of keywords Pick the right job board Occupation specific job boards Company websites More control over content / branding Applicants don’t like using applicant tracking systems


16 LinkedIn In theory an ideal search tool for recruiters Job ads can be highly targeted Up-to-date resume and contact info for candidates Experience, education, references, contacts Passive (Direct) sourcing – find candidates who aren’t currently looking for work Great tool for job seekers Relevant job ads and job search tools Can present a “personal brand”

17 LinkedIn Growing rapidly Recruiting is a big part of LinkedIn’s income stream Not quite mainstream yet (but do make a profile) Not just for recruiting “Relationship management system” (RMS) Not everyone on LinkedIn is looking for a job “Headhunting” – unsolicited recruitment Facebook vs. Lavalife

18 US Army Recruiting

19 Ikea Recruiting

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