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Top Objectives: 1.Increase web traffic and exposure 2.Become definitive authority on Coffee 3.Increase sales to coffee centric Food Service Operators 4.Engage.

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1 Top Objectives: 1.Increase web traffic and exposure 2.Become definitive authority on Coffee 3.Increase sales to coffee centric Food Service Operators 4.Engage community in conversation 5.Manage Reputation for Company 6.Tell an accurate story of us

2 Top Challenges: 1.Brand Dominance – not enough people to talk to on the web 2.Exposure on web – not enough visitors – not enough traffic. 3.Need a better understanding of value compared to competitors 4.Not able to tell our story effectively


4 Your Traffic




8 Your Keyword Phrases

9 Competition

10 Competition

11 Competition

12 Competition

13 Social Media Brand Equity









22 Key People of Influence





27 Social Sites




31 Authority Sites


33 Content Sites



36 Local and Mobile Marketing

37 Summary: There is inconsistency around the brand name and the use of the name online. The brand equity is wide open allowing you or even a competitor to own that username in hundreds of Social Sites. Certain sites such as Facebook, YouTube and your blog have been started but not properly setup or optimized. Older content is showing up as a result of no current content such as videos, blog posts, press releases, podcasts, etc being released by your company. The company has no authority in their area of expertise in any online site. There is no evidence of a clear online strategy in place creating a lot of market confusion and diffusing targeted traffic. Suggestions: By implementing a compelling message to market, a unique selling position and an effective call to action, Farmer Brothers could increase their market share. In addition, with a comprehensive setup of Social Sites, Authority Sites, Content Sites, Blogs, etc would increase exposure and traffic and help increase Search Engine Optimization. By creating and implementing a solid content plan, the brand reputation would be protected and an increase of conversation would begin. Investors relations and customer relations could be significantly improved when due diligence if performed with current and syndicated content being consistently released. Your Online Opportunity

38 Social Media and Internet Marketing vs Your Website Our program establishes the foundation and sets up the platform for your success online. Today the basics as it pertains to search engine registry and social site set up often times will out perform all the advanced strategies. It is designed to create a funnel or effectively a net to capture traffic in your industry for new customers and people looking for your brand, products and services.

39 Social Media is more than just……Facebook and Twitter Is your company taking advantage of all these online resources? Sales Marketing PR Online Reputation Key People of Influence Tech Support Customer Support   Social Marketing Management  Social Advertising Platforms  Social Analytics  Social Business Software  Social Brand Engagement  Social Ad Networks  Stream Platforms  Social Commerce Platforms  Social Data  Social TV  Social Mobile

40 What’s the difference between Social Media & Web strategies In social media it’s all about the 3 rd party edifying your brand and products as opposed to your edifying yourself. Social Media is defined as “crowd sourcing” for trust. Your customers can sell your products better than you can and that’s the benefit of social media today for your web based presence.

41 What is a Presumer One of the many advantages of social media today is the customers all line up based on their profile data. You can effectively find all of your customer’s lined up telling you their likes and dislikes. This is a huge advantage to growing your business today online. We call this customer acquisition model a Presumer. A Presumer is a customer before they’re a customer based on their profile data.

42 Let Customers Promote Your Brand Social media has so many advantages to all your forms of marketing. One clear advantage is properly configured; the customers will promote you and your brand better than you can. When a community is set up around your brand, product and service to empower the customer the customer will do your promotion, marketing, sales and validation through their own efforts. This is effectively free advertising.

43 Search Engine and Social Network Social networks and content networks are essential for your success online. It is easy to build this foundational platform for your success online. Our program focuses on attracting the search engines and setting up your conversational marketing networks. Set Up is Essential !!

44 Paid for vs Organic Search 25% Paid for Search: PPC SEO CPL CPA 75% Organic Placement: Videos Photos Press Release Articles Podcast Organic Search Placement out performs Paid for Search 3 to 1 and its FREE! Additionally Organic Search lives in perpetuity…

45 Month 1 2 Day Unfair Advantage 1. Define and Target the Market 2. Study Keyword and Phrase 3. Monitor Social Channels 4. Create the Story to Share 5. Content Strategy 10 Day Discovery and Plan 1. Studying Customer Patterns 2. Competitive Intelligence 3. Media Monitoring

46 Month 2 & 3 Setup Infrastructure 1. Social Media Setup 2. Content Creation 3. Content Syndication 4. SEO Campaign 5. Social List Building

47 6 Week Project Timeline

48 Setup Includes Service Offering Includes:  S.M.A.R.T. Report Card  Initial Consultation  Project Management and Information Gathering  Custom Graphics to Brand Your Online Presence  Keyword Research & Basic Search Engine Analysis  Setup of Tracking and Syndication Tools  Setup Online List Manager with Content and Contacts  Optimize and Syndicate up to 10 Client Videos  Create an Online Company Presence with over 100 Sites  Set-up 2 Executives in 20 Sites  Set-up 2 Products in 3 Major Search Engines  Setup Custom Blog – Optimize and Schedule up to 30 Blog Posts  Script and Setup Landing Page & Sales Page  Create 3 Mini Commercials and Syndicate  Write 900 Status Updates and Submit to over 30 sites  Find 20 Blogs for Commenting and Back links  Write and distribute 4 Press Releases  Create Mobile Site and Mobile Coupon Site  Optimize and Populate Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin, Google+, Pinterest  Setup, optimize and populate Facebook Fan Page and Group  Setup Custom Social Hub  Schedule 6 Blog Talk Radio interviews  Half day program integration with our staff and yours  Over 100 Hours of Ongoing Training Online and Videos  Lifetime access to Knowledge Base Your Company Your Message Your Solutions Your Products Your Events

49 Month 4 1.Test Media 2.Build Community 3.Acquire Customers

50 Month 5 & 6 1.Monitoring 2.Maintenance

51 Next Steps

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