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2013 SFPMA ® South Florida Property Management Association

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1 2013 SFPMA ® South Florida Property Management Association

2 Mission and Vision Statement MISSION: sfpma® is A Professional, Association, Serving the South Florida Property Management Industry. VISION: sfpma® Is a recognized leader in Property Management Industry

3 What we do in the Industry sfpma® Networking – Cooperation and sharing as colleagues Education – Promotion of education and business development for all Property Managers Advocacy – Advance the profession by influencing issues that impact the residential property management industry Professionalism – Recognize expertise through professional designation Ethics- Respect and integrity among members brought about by ethical, honest and credible behavior

4 sfpma® Strategic Objectives and Short Term Goals: Reinforce the Mission and Vision of sfpma®. a. Locate and fund an advertising campaign to reevaluate the sfpma® brand b. Gather and communicate relevant Federal Legislative Issues to the membership c. Initiate and create new coalitions and alliance with South Florida Companies d. Develop and engaging program to entice members of the next generations

5 sfpma® Strategic Objectives and Short Term Goals: II. Leadership Enhancement Initiative a. Re-evaluate the overall nominating process b. Identify & mentor Future Leaders c. Charge & Delegate Staff to their highest and best use III. Ensure Organization Optimization a. Evaluate Member return on investment b. Examine Financial Impact of Programs c. Evaluate Chapter Performance

6 sfpma® Strategic Objectives and Short Term Goals: IV. Stay Ahead of the curve with Technology a. Annually evaluate the needs for sfpma web technology b. Design Web based data for all members to use V. Maintain, Improve, and Promote Member Services a. Improve and Expand Educational Opportunities b. Focus on improving member relations and support c. Improve quality of membership d. Enhance communication at all levels e. Evaluate and Improve the Partner Program f. Evaluate and Improve Events in South Florida

7 The Reason for sfpma® sfpma® is an association designed for Property Management professionals who know first-hand the unique challenges of Managing Buildings In South Florida. sfpma ® offers an effective, professional learning environment for owners of property management companies, property managers and their office staff. We are making Deals with Schools both in classrooms and On Line every day. Bringing you a Member discount when you use one of our Associations Featured schools.

8 History Born in 2007 Group of Property Managers recognizing a need for networking and Unity in the Industry Frank J Mari elected president in 2007 First newsletter 2007 (4x per year) Website in 2009 bringing information to all members. Brining Education, Contractors & Vendors, Business Members, to the Property Management Industry Making Deals with South Florida Companies that service the Property Management Industry. ( Our Directories have been used by members, for Cost Savings, and the Trust that Services are offered by another Member that is part of the organization. 2009 Code of Ethics and Professional Standards 2007

9 History (cont.) 18 member 2006 83 members 2007 150 members 2008 1300 members 2009 2,300 members 2010 3,720+ members 2013 Designed a Strategic Plan that will lead sfpma ® into the future Uniting all South Florida Property Managers, Business Members, Contractor Members, and Vendor Members Working together for the good of the Industry.

10 Networking Meeting/Conferences/Events Our Future / keeping all members of sfpma ® Informed: invite members to attend our events, We are designing our New Events page bringing all South Florida events to one location, In the Past we used Yahoo Updates, This has been removed by Yahoo services website. Our members would go to this and type in what meetings they were having in the buildings they manage, we have been working hard re- establishing this service for the members of the Association.

11 Networking-con’t Sending our members e-mails and Updates, Newsletters, and Information on Sales we get from all service members, Information for the Property Management Industry supported by sfpma® Public Relations Campaign Facebook Page and the Future Facebook Property Managers Group Page, Where Interaction can be achieved through communication for our Industry, With the internet and how many people can be united in the exchange of information

12 Education Schools can be found Look at our Education Page for the Association Online Education Course continue to grow – We are making new deals to benefit our members for educational cost savings, Keeping up with your licensing needs is important in our industry, and should be with you as a professional in the Property Management Industry. Instructors/Training – Finding Courses/Schools that will benefit our members. sfpma® Believes Education is Key in Life.

13 Legislative sfpma ® position statements Assist in lobbying efforts for the Property Management Industry. Making Changes for the Good of The Property Management Professionals Throughout Florida as a whole. Create a “call to action” when changes to laws need to be made, for the good of the industry and our members as a whole.

14 What’s In It For You? Joining a well respected organization of Industry Leading Property Managers in South Florida Education to improve and grow your business Interaction with other same minded professionals Cost savings through using another member promoting working together within our association Our Future: We are working on a Credit Like Card for all Members. Where a POS (Point of Sale) will give discounts to members. We are in talks with many National Companies where our members will receive Discounts on Goods and Services. Some Companies we are working with are: Lowes. Home Depot. Office Max. We are will establish our own association insurance package for members to get covered by life, home, auto, business, apartment insurance for your customers, Tenants in the buildings you manage.

15 Join Today Bringing together our Industry takes time, Just know we are working for the benefit of all of our members. Members can Place this Logo on your Websites with a Link to our Association Join the Association (link) Http://

16 Thank You Contact sfpma at: Thank You Frank J Mari 561-756-3540 Executive Director South Florida Property Management Associaiton

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