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The Power of Email and Social Media Marketing to Boost your Business presented by:

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1 The Power of Email and Social Media Marketing to Boost your Business presented by:

2 Are you making the most of social media and email marketing tools to build your online brand and promote your business?

3 More than two-thirds of business leaders (68%) say they plan to integrate social media with their email marketing efforts in 2012 according to a survey from media email marketing

4 A recent study commissioned by Microsoft shows that email and social media usage are both up, 45% and 21% respectively.

5 Email + Social Media = Marketing Powerhouse

6 How to Expand Your Business Connections Engage with customers daily Encourage customers to participate in or drive the conversations

7 How to Expand Your Business Connections Create interesting content in multiple locations Deepen and broaden your customer relationships

8 Why Should You Use Email as a Marketing Tool? FACT: Email marketing is one of the best technologies for connecting with customers and prospects 91% of Internet users between the ages of 18 and 64 send or read email (eMarketer) FACT: Email marketing is cost effective Email’s ROI was $43.52 for every dollar spent on it (DMA)

9 The Benefits of Email Marketing Build client base Maintain relationships Encourage repeat business Share valuable information

10 Why Use An E-Mail Service Provider High Deliverability Manage Bounces Comprehensive Tracking/ Analytics List management and segmentation Hides subscriber list Social networking buttons

11 How Can I Build a Quality E-Mail List? Permission-Based Marketing Valuable Contact List Keep your List Current

12 Build Your List Where You Connect Phone Calls Events or Meetings Place of Business E-mail Signature Web Site and Social Media

13 Build Your List with QR Codes QR(Quick Response) codes are scanned by smart phones People can join your list from their mobile phones

14 What Are Your E-Mail Marketing Objectives? Increase brand awareness Up-sell or cross-sell Increase retail foot traffic Offer coupons/discounts

15 Use Pertinent Content to Meet your Objectives Share your expertise Use facts and testimonials Include links Offer discounts Encourage exclusivity Hold giveaways

16 Ways to Format Your E-Mail Newsletters Promotions Announcements/Invitations



19 Branding E-Mails Consistently Try different formats, but keep the brand message clear Logo placement Consistent color scheme or flavor Cohesive graphic elements


21 E-Mail Marketing Blunders Don’t: Try to scan a brochure Forget to proofread Use too many fonts or colors Forget to test your email in different email clients


23 Calling Your Audience to Action Calls to Action include: Links to click on Phone numbers to call Info to print Describe the Immediate Benefits What’s in it for your audience Why should they act now?


25 Getting E-Mails Delivered and Read Add a recognizable "from" line. Add compelling Subject line Add “Share” or “Like” buttons to your email

26 Email + Social Media = Marketing Powerhouse

27 Why Social Media? Social Media is changing marketing Facilitates word of mouth Engages two way conversations Extends your reach

28 Social Media: Marketing Opportunity Businesses and brands need to integrate social into their marketing. Campaigns that are not social run the risk of alienating a significant and growing market segment.

29 Elements of a Successful Social Media Strategy: Vision and Goals Target Audience Consistency

30 Four Social Media Marketing Tips

31 1. Create Customer Centered Content Make it relevant Use content that's conversational and personal Solve customer problems Encourage participation




35 2. Get Visual Pictures and videos can be even more effective than words when it comes to social networks.





40 3. Leverage Your Blog “Companies that blog generate 88% more leads per month than those who do not. Companies who blog have 55% more web site visitors.” -Hubspot


42 4. Integration with Email Include social icons in emails Ask subscribers to share their email Offer an incentive in your email if people connect with you on other social platforms

43 4. Integration with Email Ask people to text their email addresses to you in order to be added to your email list In your blog posts, ask readers to join your email list(and provide a link to do so)

44 Why Integrate? Extend your reach Grow your list Connect on multiple networks


46 The Social Media Chain Reaction

47 Getting Noticed Online Focus on engagement (email, social media) and creating interesting content Use your passionate customers to form the core of your email and social media marketing efforts Always use email and social in conjunction to expand your audience

48 Q and A Thank You!

49 My Services Email marketing campaigns Social media marketing campaigns Print marketing campaigns Web copywriting Direct mail Public Relations

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