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Swine (Pig) Production

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1 Swine (Pig) Production

2 Swine (Pig) Production
Main Purpose – to produce pork for Human consumption

3 Swine (Pig) Production Terms for Understanding
Castration – the removal of testicals from the male swine for the purpose of improving feed conversion, disposition and meat quality

4 Swine (Pig) Production Terms for Understanding
Boar– A male pig not castrated that is used for breeding purposes Barrow- A male pig that IS castrated that is entirely meant for pork production

5 Swine (Pig) Production Terms for Understanding
Sow– A female pig that has already produces a litter of baby pigs Gilt- A female pig that has NOT produces a litter of baby pigs

6 Breeds Of Swine

7 Duroc Origin-New York/New Jersey Ears- Droopy Color- Cherry Red
Misc.-Large Frame, Fast gainers, good mothers, Popular breed

8 Hampshire Origin-Kentucky Ears-Erect Color-Black with a White Belt
Misc.-The “Meat Breed” Excellent Carcass

9 Berkshire Origin-England Ears-Erect Color-Black with 6 White Points
Misc.-Short Snout, Meat type hog

10 Poland China Origin-Ohio Ears-Droopy Color- Black w/6White points
Misc.-Long body thick hams

11 Spots (Spotted Poland China)
Origin-Ohio Ears-Droopy Color-no less than 20% or more than 80% White Misc.-Good mothers, fast gainers

12 Chester White Origin-Pennsylvania Ears-Droopy
Color-White with blue freckles Misc.-good mothers, large frame

13 Yorkshire Origin-England Ears-Erect Color- White
Misc.-The Mother Breed, Largest Litters

14 Landrace Origin-Denmark Ears-Droopy Color-White
Misc.-Extremely Long Body

15 Tamworth Origin- ? Ears-Erect Color-Red Misc.-Not Very good

16 Swine Reproduction

17 Boar Sow Reproduction Produces sperm Fertilizes the egg
Produces the egg Carries the litters

18 Estrus Swine Reproduction
The period of time a sow is receptive to the male for breeding purposes Comes every 21 days Last for 3 days Ovulation (egg production) occurs

19 Fertilization Swine Reproduction
The period of time in which the sperm actually unites with the eggs Multi-fertilization which causes multi-pig litters

20 Gestation Swine Reproduction
The time between fertilization and giving birth (parturition) 114 Day or 3 months, 3 weeks, and 3 days

21 Farrowing a sow Swine Reproduction
The components of controlled delivery Put sow in crate 1-5 Days before due date Exercise Daily Feed 6 lbs daily Once babies are born add one pound per pig to ration

22 Farrowing Baby Pig Care - first 2 weeks
Swine Reproduction Farrowing Baby Pig Care - first 2 weeks Have feed out from day 1 Give iron shot ¼ cc Clip Teeth Castrate Ear notch

23 Ear Notching Swine Reproduction Universal Swine Identification system
Tags will come off in the feed pen

24 Swine Reproduction Ear Notching

25 Swine Reproduction Ear Notching

26 Swine Reproduction Ear Notching Quiz

27 Ear Notching Swine Reproduction
The right (litter) ear is equal to =16 The left (pig) ear is equal to 3 This is the 16-3 pig.

28 Swine for pork Feeds & Feeding 50 to 70 % of total production cost
Use a good commercial brand name feed In General an animal will eat 3% of its body weight Protein is the Key feed element

29 Protein % for Swine Feeds & Feeding 18%- 0-5 weeks
16% - 5 weeks to 75 lbs 14%- 75lbs to 125lbs - 12%- 125 to the market weight of 250 pounds

30 The End

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