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Identifying Breeds of Swine

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1 Identifying Breeds of Swine
Mrs. Gilbreath

2 Today you should be able to…
Identify characteristics of major swine breeds. List advantages and disadvantages of each swine breed. Memorize facts on swine industry.

3 Facts on Swine Industry
China is the #1 producer of hogs in the world. U.S. ranks third. In the U.S. Iowa ranks 1st in hog production while Texas ranks 15th. Hogs rank second only to cattle in total livestock production in the U.S.

4 Two Categories of Swine
Maternal Breeds Known for large litters and replacement females. Chester White Landrace Yorkshire Terminal Breeds Known for growth and carcass quality. Used in terminal crosses. Berkshire Hampshire Spot Duroc Poland China Pietrain

5 Berkshire Originated in England
Black with 6 white points. legs, snout and switch Short snout that is turned up Known for producing high quality meats Erect ears

6 Chester White Originated in Chester County, Pennsylvania
Large in size, white with small drooped ears Mothering breed Known to produce large litters that grow rapidly

7 Duroc Originated in the United States Solid red Drooped ears
Very desirable carcass Excellent meat type hog

8 Hampshire Developed in the United States
Probably the oldest American breed Black with a white belt and white front legs Good mothers Small, erect ears Well-known meat breed

9 Landrace Originated in Denmark Drooped ears
Known for their maternal instincts White Long Flatter-topped than other breeds

10 Poland China Originated in the US
Noted for ability to easily gain weight Quiet dispositions Black with white snouts, legs and switch Generally poor mothers Drooped ears

11 Spots Developed in Indiana
Black with white spots or white with black spots Small ears droop over the eyes Efficient feeders Noted for rapid weight gain

12 Yorkshire Originated in Yorkshire England White Large, erect ears
Known as “The Mother Breed” Produces large litters Bacon-type hog May be most common breed in the world

13 Pietrain Birthplace – Pietrain, Belgium
Black and white spotted with erect ears Extreme muscularity and leanness Early maturing Normally stress positive Terminal sire breed

14 Today we covered and… Identified characteristics of major swine breeds. Listed advantages and disadvantages of each swine breed. Memorized facts on swine industry.

15 Review Texas ranks _______ in swine production in the U.S.
________ is the #1 swine producer in the world Name 2 Maternal Breeds Name 3 Terminal Sire Breeds

16 Questions A breed medium in size from Denmark, long bodied, with white hair and skin, occasional freckles and very large, slightly drooping ears?

17 Landrace

18 A large white breed imported from England and characterized by erect ears and a slightly dished face.

19 Yorkshire

20 A large red breed with drooping ears, recognized for its mothering ability and carcass conformation.

21 Duroc

22 A large breed identified by being black in color and having percent white markings and drooping ears.

23 Spot

24 Review Breeds










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