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Breeds and Selection of Swine

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1 Breeds and Selection of Swine

2 Terms: Swine: mammal in the family Suidae. Domesticated species grown for their edible flesh and fat, for their hides and bristles Hog: older swine of either sex Pig: young swine of either sex Pork: meat of swine

3 Continued Terms: Boar: male swine that has not been castrated
Barrow: male swine that has been castrated Sow: mature female swine Gilt: immature female swine Meat-type hog: well muscled hog that has a good length of body and an above average percentage of ham, loin, and shoulder

4 Continued Terms: Hybrid: an animal produced from the crossing of two animals of different breeds Hybrid vigor: the extra growth capacity contributed to hybrid animals because of the crossbreeding factor Prolific: productive; abundant reproduction

5 Continued Terms: Farrow: act of giving birth
Gestation period: length of pregnancy (3 months, 3 weeks, 3 days)

6 Landrace Originated in Denmark Drooped ears
Known for their mothering ability and large litters White Long Flatter-topped than other breeds

7 Berkshire Originated in England Black with six white points
Once kept at Buckingham Palace Has an acceptable carcass Erect ears

8 Chester White Originated in Chester County, Pennsylvania
Further developed in Delaware County, Pennsylvania White with drooped ears

9 Duroc Originated in the United States Solid red Drooped ears
Good mothering, growth rate, and feed conversion

10 Hampshire Originated in England Once known as thin rind
Probably the oldest American breed Black with a white belt Small, erect ears Known for foraging, muscling, and carcass leanness

11 Hereford Originated in Missouri
Developed from crossing Poland China and Durocs Red with white face, legs and underline Medium-sized, drooping ear Long neck

12 Pietrain Originated in Belgium White with black spots
Medium sized, erect ears Exceptionally high lean to fat ratio Usually used in crossbreeding to improve carcass quality

13 Poland China Originated in Ohio
Noted for low backfat and large loin eye Quiet dispositions Black with white snouts, legs and switch Drooped ears

14 Spots Developed in Indiana Black and white spots Drooping ears
Noted for rapid weight gain Breeders strive to produce large frames

15 Tamworth Originated in Ireland Red in color Long head and snout
Good mothers Foraging ability

16 Yorkshire Originated in England White Large, erect ears
High feed efficiency Produces large litters Bacon-type hog

17 Judging Hogs Look at them from 15 feet Type and conformation Muscle
Look at length of side and skeleton Muscle Look at rear view; wide back and loin; deep rump and ham; thick and firm; chest and shoulders wide Finish A little is desirable; no excess fat Quality, Proportioned, Sound


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