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Swine Breeds Breeds Terminal –Muscling –Leanness –Rapid growth rates.

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2 Swine Breeds

3 Breeds Terminal –Muscling –Leanness –Rapid growth rates

4 Maternal –M–Maternal abilities –T–To raise and care for a litter of pigs –H–High weaning numbers

5 Landrace

6 Originated in Denmark Large, drooped Ears White Long Bodied w/ extra rib

7 Known for Maternal Traits 7 Teats per Side for Registration

8 Berkshire

9 Originated in England Black with white legs, snout, and switch

10 Erect ears Once kept in Buckingham Palace Known for producing high quality meats

11 Chester White

12 Originated in Chester Co., Pennsylvania White with drooped ears

13 Mothering breed Produce large litters

14 Duroc

15 Originated in U.S. Solid red Drooped ears Excellent meat type hog

16 Hampshire

17 Originated in U.S. Black with white belt Small, erect ears

18 Probably the oldest American breed Well-known meat breed

19 Hereford

20 Originated in Missouri Developed from Chester, Poland China, and Durocs

21 Red with white face, legs, and underline Medium-sized drooping ear

22 Poland China

23 Originated in U.S. Black with white snouts, legs, and switch Drooped ears

24 Noted for ability to easily gain weight Quiet dispositions Generally poor mothers

25 Spots

26 Developed in Indiana Black with white spots Efficient feeders Noted for rapid weight gain

27 Tamworth

28 Originated in Ireland Red Noted bacon breed Erect ears Good mothers

29 Yorkshire

30 Originated in England White Large, erect ears “The Mother Breed” Produces large litters

31 Pietrain

32 Originated from Germany White with black spots

33 Erect ears Extremely heavy muscled and lean

34 Meishan

35 Slow growing and fat May be the most prolific breed in the world

36 Puberty at 2.5 - 3 months Average litter size is 15-16 pigs

37 Fenjing

38 Fengjing Chinese breed Black color Wrinkled skin From central China where it is hot Drooped ears

39 Minzhu

40 Originated in China Long black hair Come from Northern China where it is cold.

41 Miniature Pig

42 Often used as pets Maximum height 22” at withers Maximum weight 125 pounds

43 Crossbreeding Mating two different purebred animals

44 Hybrid vigor – gain in growth by crossing two purebred lines Heterosis – effect of hybrid vigor or crossing

45 Hybrid vigor can potentially –Increase the number of pigs farrowed –Improve baby pig livability

46 Produce heavier milking sows Most have a faster growth rate to market

47 Common Crosses F1 females created by crosses such as: –Yorkshire x Landrace = F1 maternal cross replacement female

48 Terminal crosses –York x Hamp = Blue butt –Yorkshire x Duroc

49 –Duroc x Hamp –York female x ½ Hamp, ½ Duroc boar











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