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Tighter British Control Chapter 6 Section 1.

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1 Tighter British Control Chapter 6 Section 1




5 Problem After French and Indian War, what major problem does England face? War debt

6 King George III

7 Proclamation of 1763 Parents concerned about child's safety Child forbidden to leave the yard British protecting colonists from Indian attacks –Pontiac’s Rebellion Colonists cannot move west of the Appalachian Mountains


9 Quartering Act Parent hires babysitter to watch child Child does not like serving the babysitter Colonists have to house & feed soldiers Cost saving measure but burden on colonists


11 Sugar & Stamp Act Child must pay for telephone use Child is upset about the new rule

12 Sugar Act Tax on sugar and molasses imported into the colonies Indirect tax – paid at port

13 Stamp Act Stamp places on all legal & commercial documents Direct tax on colonists


15 Patrick Henry Outspoken member of House of Burgesses Against British taxation

16 Forms of Protest Boycotts –Refusal to buy something Sons of Liberty formed Stamp Act Congress –Colonial representatives wrote asking to have Stamp Act repealed

17 Declaratory Act Parent removes paying for telephone Post statement that parents have supreme power over child Stamp Act repealed Parliament has complete power over the colonies Colonists don’t pay attention – happy Stamp Act repealed


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