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Tighter British Control

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1 Tighter British Control
Americans saw British efforts to tax them and to increase control over the colonies as violations of their rights

2 Key Terms and People Key Terms: Quartering Act Revenue Sugar Act
Stamp Act Boycott Key People King George III Patrick Henry Sons of Liberty

3 O-H…..I-O After the French and Indian War, The colonists begin to see their freedoms limited The Proclamation of 1763 angered colonists who wanted to settle into the Ohio Valley As land grew scarce the Law would be ignored and people would settle into the fertile Ohio valley

4 Out with the reve-old…in with the…
In an effort to keep peace with Native Americans King George III would Pass the Quartering Act Colonists would be required to house soldiers in the colonies to save money for Britain Britain also tried to increase revenue in the colonies to pay for the war and the cost of soldiers in the colonies Britain started passing taxes to the colonies to pay for defense

5 Sugar and Spice…and everything Nice
The Sugar Act Placed a tax on all sugar and molasses in the colonies and placed strict punishments on smuggling’ Colonists viewed the Sugar Act as Taxation without representation Britain Viewed the taxes as an extension of British Taxes on the colonists

6 A forever stamp The Stamp Act put a tax on all official documents in the colonies The Stamp Act affected All Colonists and had to be paid for in Silver coin, which was also scarce Colonists feared the British would impose more taxes on more things in the colonies Patrick Henry Called for a Resistance to the Taxes, which some viewed as Treason

7 Time to get a new career Angered by the Stamp act, colonists began to protest and Boycott the taxes The Sons of Liberty also protested the Stamp Act, both peacefully and violently Some of the protests would end in the Tar and Feathering of the customs officials who would end up quitting their jobs

8 Almost Time to Harvest the Garden
Some British Officials, Like William Pitt, also attacked the Stamp Act While the Stamp act was repealed, the Declaratory Act gave parliament supreme power in the colonies Control of the colonies would begin to push the colonies and Britain closer to war

9 This has Been another World Famous Mr. Green PowerPoint Presentation
If Women refuse to buy goods…does that make it a Girlcott?

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