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Chapter 6: Section 1 Tighter British Control

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1 Chapter 6: Section 1 Tighter British Control
Learning Objective: What events pushed Great Britain and the American colonies apart?

2 Why did the Proclamation of 1763 anger many colonists?
Colonists can not settle west of the Appalachian Mountains Britain (King George) wants land to remain in hands of Native Americans to help keep peace Colonists wanted the fertile land of the Ohio Valley; ignored the proclamation


4 Why did Parliament seek to impose greater taxes on the colonies?
Britain owed large debt from French and Indian War Troops in colonies would raise the debt Wanted colonies to pay part of the debt and to contribute to the costs of frontier defense and colonial government

5 Why did colonists oppose the Sugar Act?
Placed a tax imported goods such as sugar Called for strict enforcement and harsh punishments Colonial leaders – Parliament has no right to tax the colonies, since the colonies were not represented in Parliament. “Taxation without representation is tyranny!” Tyranny – absolute power in the hands of a single ruler

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7 What was the Quartering Act?
1765 – Quartering Act – cost saving measure Required colonists to provide housing and supplies to British soldiers

8 How did the Stamp Act differ from previous taxes?
Law that required all legal and commercial documents to carry official stamp Tax applied within the colonies; direct tax on the colonists Had to be paid for in silver coin (scarce item)

9 In what ways did the colonists challenge the Stamp Act?
Patrick Henry from Virginia called for resistance to the tax Stamp Act Congress sent a petition to the King Boycott of British goods Sons of Liberty –burned stamped paper; tarred and feathered custom officials


11 What eventually happened to the Stamp Act?
Repealed in 1766 1766 – Declaratory Act Parliament has supreme authority to govern colonies

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