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Tighter British Control

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1 Tighter British Control
Chapter 6, Section 1

2 French and Indian War 1754 – 1763 Part of larger Seven Years’ War
British vs. Spain & France In North America New France vs. British Colonies British Navy = British victory

3 Proclamation of 1763 British: Colonists could not settle west of the Appalachian Mountains Prevent further rebellion from natives Land to remain in native hands Colonists upset Many already bought land Kicked off No money – looking to settle new territory

4 British Troops and Taxes
King George III 10,000 troops in colonies Quartering Act Save money Live in colonists’ homes Feed soldiers

5 Mo’ Money, Mo’ Problems Colonists had to pay up
Debt from French & Indian War Collect more revenue Sugar Act Tax on sugar, molasses, coffee, wine, etc. Soldiers enforced laws Many turned to smuggling

6 Different Perspectives
Colonists “Taxation without representation is tyranny!” - James Otis Loyalists “Colonists are subjects of Britain… and enjoy the protection of its laws. For that reason, they are subject to taxation.” - George Grenville

7 Stamp Act Parliament – 1765 All legal and commercial documents
Stamp to show tax was paid Wills Diplomas Contracts Newspapers

8 Angry Colonists! Where will it end? Boycott
Land? Crops? Everything we own? Boycott Sons of Liberty – Violent protests First time Americans worked together!

9 British Response Repealed Stamp Act – 1766 But…wait…there’s more!
Passed Declaratory Act Parliament had total control of colonies Thus began the issue over who was in control of the colonies. To be continued…

10 Homework Assignment Create your own protest poster
Choose one of the following: Quartering Act Tea Act Sugar Act Stamp Act Declaratory Act Be creative, use color DUE TOMORROW!!

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