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Causes of the American Revolution 1763 - 1775.

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1 Causes of the American Revolution 1763 - 1775



4 Pontiac’s War - 1763 After 1760 – English settlers moved west Lord Jeffrey Amherst sent to frontier Amherst raised the price of trade goods Amherst allowed settlers to build farms and forts on Indian land

5 Pontiac’s War - 1763 Ottawa Chief Pontiac emerged as a leader Pontiac attacked Ft.Detroit Indians captured most British forts in Ohio Country British and colonial troops regained most of them

6 Pontiac’s War - 1763 Treaty of Paris ended French power in North America Native Americans couldn’t count on French support Pontiac’s War ended

7 King George III and William Pitt

8 England in Debt William Pitt’s policies to win the French and Indian War in North America left England in debt. King George III and Parliament felt colonists should be paying more of the costs Mercantilism – colonies exist for the good of the Mother Country


10 England in Debt Mercantilism – colonies produce raw materials for the Mother country and buy her manufactured goods Navigation Acts – Law passed by Parliament in the 1660’s and 1670’s to put Mercantilism into practice Salutary Neglect – Navigation Acts not enforced so colonists would have the money to buy British goods


12 Proclamation of 1763 – Proclamation Line Drew a line down the middle of the Appalachian Mountains

13 Proclamation of 1763 No white settlement west of the line Fur Traders must get a license 10,000 British troops stationed in the colonies to patrol the frontier

14 Sugar Act and Stamp Act Parliament – Law making body in England Sugar Act – Regulate Trade Stamp Act – Raise Revenue Regulate Trade vs. Raise Revenue “No Taxation Without Representation”

15 Sugar Act - 1764 George Grenville – Prime Minister Regulate Trade Lower tax on sugar and molasses Collect the tax Stop smuggling

16 Stamp Act - 1765 Raise Revenue Tax stamp required on legal documents – wills, marriage papers, newspapers, almanacs, playing cards and dice

17 Stamp Act Crisis 1765 - 1766 “No Taxation Without Representation” Methods of Protest  Peaceful – Stamp Act Congress – New York City – 9 colonies – petition  Violent – Sons of Liberty  Economic - Boycott

18 Samuel Adams and the Sons of Liberty

19 Sons of Liberty

20 Patrick Henry – Virginia House of Burgesses – “If this be treason then make the most of it”


22 Stamp Act Crisis Stamp Act repealed in 1766 Parliament passes the Declaratory Act


24 Death of Anne Stamp

25 Townshend Acts - 1767 Charles Townshend – Prime Minister Taxes on paint, paper, lead, glass and tea Writs of Assistance – blanket search warrants

26 Methods of Protest Peaceful – petition Violent – Sons of Liberty and Daughters of Liberty Economic – Non – importation agreements

27 Sons and Daughters of Liberty

28 Colonial Leaders

29 Boston Massacre - 1770

30 Townshend Duties repealed except for a tax on tea British troops removed from Boston Committees of Correspondence organized by Sam Adams



33 Boston Tea Party - 1773 Tea Act – British East India Company Sons of Liberty dump tea into Boston Harbor




37 Intolerable Acts ( Coersive Acts) 1774 Boston Port Bill – Boston Harbor closed until the tea is paid for

38 Intolerable ( Coersive ) Acts - 1774 Massachusetts Government Act – Massachusetts Assembly dissolved Boston under martial law Thomas Gage – military governor

39 Intolerable ( Coersive ) Acts - 1774 Quartering Acts  1765 – troops quartered in public buildings and public greens  1774 – troops quartered in people’s homes

40 Intolerable ( Coersive ) Acts - 1774 Quebec Act  Established the boundaries of the Quebec Colony  Allowed the Catholic religion in Quebec  No elected assembly


42 First Continental Congress - 1774 Albany Congress – 1754 - 7 of 13 colonies Stamp Act Congress – 1765 – New York City - 9 of 13 colonies First Continental Congress – 1774 – Philadelphia – 12 of 13 colonies

43 First Continental Congress Voted to cut off colonial trade with England unless Intolerable Acts abolished Advise colonies to begin training citizens for war Wanted to define American rights, place limits on Parliament’s power and agree on tactics to resist aggressive acts of the English government Set up a Colonial Association to enforce an embargo against England

44 Patrick Henry – March, 1775 – “Give Me Liberty or Give Me Death”

45 Colonial Leaders

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